Friday 27 July 2012

Week 3 Update

Leadership Awards: It was fabulous to be able to award so many leadership certificates and badges at PRIDE assembly on Friday. Well done to...
  • Bronze (100 points): Leni Frampton, Salem Sutherland, Briea Thomson, Callum Bass, Justine Bennett, Thomas Flynn, Maddie Howe, Jimmy King, Jessica Ownsworth, Jack Ryan, Liam Scarlett, Julia Siddall, Emily Bell, Sanine Grey, James Hanlon, Joe Leech, Briana Steven and Iona Taylor
  • Silver (200 points):  Thomas Smy, Olivia Selwood, Megan Brown, Lachie Worthington, Anna Joughin, Jake Tomlinson, Barry Stace, Jignasha Solanki and Sam Dunbar
  • Gold (400 points): Angus Milner. Angus has done extremely well to achieve this award so early in the year. He is always a keen volunteer and diligent worker. Tu meke Angus!

The NED show. On Tuesday we were treated to an afternoon of stimulating entertainment and positive messages in the form of the NED show. Yoyos are quickly becoming a regular feature in the playground. These will be on sale for 2 more days, Monday and Tuesday, in the library at 1pm.
The key messages ...
  • Never give up
  • Eencourage others
  • Do your best
... tie in nicely with our PRIDE Vision.

On Thursday August 2nd starting at 7pm we will be holding our Year 7 and 8 Open Evening for Year 6 students and their families.

Cantamath: It was exciting to see so many high quality Cantamath Projects arriving at school on Friday. If your child is still to complete this home learning, please encourage them to do so over the weekend and hand it in on Monday. We will be displaying all projects in the Hall early on Tuesday and will select the best to go through to the Cantamath Competition in week 4.
Our Canatmath squad are practising regularly at lunchtime, teams will be announced on Friday Aug 3rd. Cantamath Competition day is Wednesday Aug 8th. Year 7 teams start at 3:30 and Year 8 at 4:45.

Friday 20 July 2012

Week 1 Update

What an exciting end to Week 1 of Term 3! We have just had our Becamath problem solving competition. Energy, ideas, equations and tension were bouncing off the walls of the School Hall. A fabulous effort from everyone.

Special congratulations to:
Year 8
First Equal:Room 16: Maigan, Jignasha, Angus and Salem
                   Room 17: Beth, Ben, Brent and Charissa

Year 7
First: Room 19: Briana, India, Andrew and Henry
Second: Room 16: Jessica, Thomas, Emily and Liam

...more photos in the gallery

A big thanks to Mr Bruce and his fabulous computerised scoring system and to his wonderful class for marking. They loved it!

Early next week Mr Rodger and I will meet with a shortlisted group of students so that we can work towards selecting teams for Cantamath on Wednesday August 8th. This competition involves 4 Year 7s and 4 Year 8s plus reserves. It takes place from 3:30pm.

August 8th is a busy day ... it is also the date for the Winter Sports Tournament which most of our students will be involved in.

Cashmere High School: On Thursday Mark Wilson visited the students and parents to talk about what lies ahead at Cashmere High School. Enrolment forms are due on Friday June 27th.

You may have seen signs around the community advertising our Year 7 & 8 Open Evening on Thursday Aug 2nd. This involves Year 7 & 8 staff and a small group of senior students. If you know of anyone who may be interested in looking at Beckenham for Year 7 & 8 in the next year or two, please encourage them to come along. 7pm start.

Self Defence: This year all of our Year 7 & 8 girls will be taking part in a five hour self defence course on Tuesday afternoons. This will take place in the second half of terms 3 and 4. Rooms 16 and 17 this term and Rooms 18 and 19 next term. This course is run free of charge by the NZ Girls Self Defence Project. We have been involved in the past and it is fabulous.

As you can see we are having a busy start to term 3... and there is more, including Leadership Camp for Year 8. Check in every Friday for Year 7 & 8 updates.