Friday 18 August 2023

Kauri Whānau Update: Term 3, Week 5

 In this post:

  • Choices & Keeping Ourselves Safe
  • Cybersafety
  • Cantamath
  • Ski Day
  • Duathlon
  • Speech Finalists
  • DigiFest

Choices & Keeping Ourselves Safe

Next week, we will begin teaching Choices and Keeping Ourselves Safe, two programmes from the New Zealand Police. These lessons will be taught by your child's homegroup teacher, with support from Constable Meg Moynihan, our local Police School Community Officer and will continue through to the end of Term 3.

What will children and young people learn?

1. What do I know and what do I need to know about drugs?

Students will identify what they know about drugs, what they don't know about drugs, and what they need to learn to keep themselves and their friends safe from drug misuse.

2. Drugs and the law

Students learn what a drug is, the different classes of drug and the harm caused by illegal drugs. Students explore the consequences of drug misuse and penalties.

3. The good, the bad and the ugly

Students explore the difference between drug use and misuse. They consider safe guidelines for drug use and consider the effects that bad choices about drugs may have on a positive life path.

4. Finding out about abuse

Students need to be aware of what constitutes abuse so that they can recognise if they are being abused and know how to create a safe classroom.

5. Reporting abuse

When abuse is reported, the abuser is stopped and the healing process can begin for the victim. Students learn why it is important to report abuse and to know who, and how, to tell.

What part do parents, caregivers and whānau play?

Parents and whānau are strongly encouraged to support Keeping Ourselves Safe. You can also talk with your child about what they have learnt in Keeping Ourselves Safe and help them with any KOS activities they bring home. Visit the whānau section of the NZ Police Keeping Ourselves Safe website for more information and frequently asked questions.

If you require more information about the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme or wish to discuss the learning, please speak with your child’s homegroup teacher in the first instance.


During our PB4L sessions through the last couple of weeks we've spent time discussing online safety and how to respond when things go wrong. We have reiterated that with social media, the first and best thing to do is to block and report any objectionable content or accounts. Students and whānau can also make a report to Netsafe via this link who we have found have been very quick to respond to any issues.


The Kauri teachers have loved seeing all the completed Cantamath projects, and thank you to all the whānau who came by to see this year's exhibition. We spent a good while going through them all to make sure we were putting the best ones forward as finalists. If you're interested in viewing the finalists, they are on display at Wolfbrook Arena (formerly Christchurch Arena) on Wednesday 23rd August, from 9.00am to 8.30pm. Please note that no students are permitted at the Wolfbrook Arena on the Tuesday afternoon while judging takes place.

The Cantamath Team competition will take place on Wednesday afternoon at the Wolfbrook Arena. Good luck to our Year 7 and Year 8 teams!

Ski Day

Our trip to Mount Hutt is rapidly approaching, and this week as part of our preparations we shared this social story with students. Please make sure you go through it at home with the children, especially as some may have been away.


Helpers are still needed to make sure this event can go ahead. Please contact Jenny is you are able to support on afternoon of Wednesday, August 23rd.

Speech Presentations and Finalists

This week students have been presenting their persuasive speeches to teachers and peers. The Kauri Hub Final will take place on Thursday August 24th from 9.15am in the school hall, and parents are welcome to attend. After deliberating and discussing at length, the following finalists were selected:

Year 7: Bobby, Finn, Harriet, Ollie, Alex Mu.
Year 8: Christopher, Cian, Dan, Ella C, Ella T, Leo, Scarlett

We understand that some students might find the prospect of presenting their speech in this context particularly daunting, and encourage them to speak with their homegroup teacher if this is the case.


On Tuesday last week, three groups of four students headed to St Mark's School to participate in a learning experience which combined Aotearoa New Zealand Histories with Digital Technologies. Students were taught about the innovations of Ruapekapeka Pa, a gunfighter Pa from the musket wars. As part of this, they took a virtual tour of the site before taking on the challenge of planning and creating their own version using Minecraft Education Edition.

Friday 4 August 2023

Kauri Whānau Update: Term 3, Week 3

In this post:

  • Tech expectations
  • Ski Google Form
  • Koru Games
  • Cantamath projects
  • Beckamath
  • Calendar Art

Tech on Tuesday

We've noticed that recently students are arriving late on Tuesday mornings. In order to get to Christchurch South Intermediate on time for Technology, students need to be at school for the roll at 8.30am exactly. Those that arrive late risk not being marked present, or may miss the bus entirely. As the Kauri teachers are on classroom release, they are not available to supervise any students who are late to school. Students will be given work to do and will be supervised either in the office or in another hub for the morning.

Ski Day

Thanks to all whānau who have filled in the google form for Ski Day. If you have not yet, please do so as soon as possible so we can organise gear for any students who may need it. You can find the google form here.

Koru Games

Jenny is looking for volunteers to take the Hockey team on Wednesday September 20th at Koru Games. If you are willing and able to help out, please email her.

Cantamath Projects

Thank you to all students and whānau that brought in their Cantamath projects - they all look fantastic. We will still be accepting submissions on Monday, so don't panic if you were away or are still hurriedly finishing things off! 


Last week we held our annual Beckamath competition. Students worked in teams of four to answer problem solving maths questions the fastest. It was an excellent afternoon of competitive maths and running.

Many thanks to Nicky for organising the questions, Nick for running the technology, and the Year 6 students who did an excellent job as markers.

Calendar Art

There are some amazing works of art that have been produced over the last three weeks. Ending our days with quiet art time has been a lovely way to start the term!