Monday 31 March 2014

Week 9 Update

Camp: We are on the big countdown to our Dunedin Camp.

  • You should have a copy of the gear list, along with other important information. This has been copied onto the next page on this blog. 
  • Remember food donations of baking (Coast, Plains and Mountains) and a bag of fruit (Forest) are to be brought on Monday and handed over before climbing aboard the bus.
  • Camp parents meeting Tuesday April 1st at 5:30 in Room 16
  • Please get permission forms for digital devices at camp back this week.

Twilight Fair: What a fabulous time we had on Friday night at our twilight fair. A huge thanks to the organising committee for the endless hours you put in to make this such a success. Thanks also to those senior students who performed, helped set up, helped out at games stalls and managed the rubbish.

Te Whanau Mahi Tahi got things underway ...

Now this was too good an opportunity to miss!

Yes, his aim was good. Bruce was dunked numerous times. 

The chocolate wheel was a big hit with our kids.

Monday 24 March 2014

Fantasy is in the air in te whanau Kauri ...

The crowds were wowed with magic, led my Megan the Magnificent, during our writing motivation today. We can't wait to read the fabulous fantasy that our wonderful writers are sure to produce. (Yes, we did talk about alliteration today!)

Telepathic powers from Magician Megan were impressive.

This one had me bedazzled!

The highlight was the conjuring of the rabbit from the box.

Then we learnt a trick or two and shared our magical brilliance.

Can she deceive him?

Thursday 20 March 2014

Dazzling Duathlon Performances

A big congratulations to all who took part in today's duathlon. Whether the personal goal was to get a top placing or just to finish, all participants can take pride in their results. A big thanks to all of the Year 7 & 8s who helped out counting laps, course marshalling and taking photos. Below are a selection of pictures taken by Billy ...

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Updating in Week 7

School Fair: Our school fair is just over a week away on Friday 28th March. We are in need of parents to help out at stalls on the night and to sell raffle ticket. Please pop into Room 2, Fair Headquarters, before or after school if you can help out. We will also be asking for 30 Year 7 & 8 students to volunteer to help set up after school or during the evening.

PCT Challenge: Last Friday four athletic and quick thinking Year 8s represented Beckenham at the Police Competency Test Challenge. They had a great time, learnt new skills and got through the test in 3:20! Awesome effort team!!

Camp Update: On Monday next week, March 24,  the next camp newsletter will come home. This will include gear list and an outline of the programme. In three weeks time we will be in Dunedin!

Self Defence:  Over the past six weeks all Year 8 girls have been involved in a self defence course, run by Lynda Maindonald of Self Defence NZ. The girls have loved the sessions and have gained both skill and confidence. Evaluation comments from the girls are testament to the success of the course: 

‘I think it is really important to know how to defend yourself, this course has made me confident to act.‘ 

‘I think this course has taught me to tell my parents when something happens, to be the strong girl I am. It taught me to kick and punch better than I could and it taught me a lot.‘ 

‘I used to trust strangers but now I know not to.  I have learnt that girls are strong, not weak.  I now believe in myself.’ 

Last weekend two of our girls found themselves in a situation where the needed to apply what they had learnt. Both girls commented afterwards on how empowered they felt. We look forward to Lynda’s return in 2015 to train our next group of Year 8s.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Maths Learning in Kauri Whanau

Here is a snapshot of what maths looks like in our team ...

Group problem solving

More great collaboration in action.

Small group work with a teacher.

Independent activities in a comfy space.

Mathletics, on-line learning
Our children are thriving in this diverse learning environment. All children should now have Mathletics passwords and will be able to get into this on-line learning at home.

Monday 10 March 2014

Year 8 Leadership Camp

We had a fabulous two days exploring leadership and learning more about ourselves at the Year 8 Leadership Camp. At the end of the two days each Year 8 student nominated one of their peers for the 'Peter Blake Young Leader' award. We were really impressed with their deep thinking. Here are a selection of the justifications for nomination...

'... is a really good listener and a respectful person. He gives everything a go and never stops trying. He may not be in my group, but I always hear positive thinking about him and what he has done.'

' she believes in herself and in others ...'

'she puts others before herself ...'

'... is a very caring person who listens when you have something to say.'

'today he was brave enough to conquer his fears and ...'

' ... always steps up when the team is low...'

'... is always able to make decisions, while taking in other people's opinions and is able to lead in any situation.'

'... they weren't bossy at all and listened to others.'

'... is always willing to offer a helping hand, even when it means he won't come first.'

As you can see, it will be a tough job selecting our 'Peter Blake Young Leader'.

Persistence, sharing ideas, listening and leadership led to success.

We stepped beyond our comfort zone.

Dinner was delicous.

Helping others was a key component for everyone's success.

Target reached!

Creativity and quick thinking were needed in the flying fox challenge.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Week 5 UpdateExploring the differences

It feels like a mixed blessing today with our school closure. It's nice to have the opportunity to catch up on some accumulating work, but on the other hand we are feeling for those battling water entering their homes and we had a great day planned in the Intermediate Hub, never mind...

'Eastern River' made it tricky to get into school today without soggy feet.
Leadership Week got off to a great start on Monday with the Year 7 Leadership Day...

We got some more great advice from Christian.

Exploring the differences between 'being proactive' (like water) and reactive (like coke).

'Putting first things first' allows us to get done what we need to do. This is a bit like packing a suitcase carefully, that way everything will fit in. 

In a 'synergy' simulation we had to make containers to catch water, however after the plane crash, one person was blind and the other had lost use of their arms. Communication was good, but success was mixed.

Problem solving and synergy were required to pass the ball across the circle, through all hands in a set order, in record time.
Tomorrow Year 8 Leadership Camp gets underway. Remember to bring:

  • Your food contribution (if it is not already at school)
  • Something to sleep on and a pillow
  • A change of clothes and your togs
  • A great attitude!
Dunedin Camp forms are due back at school by tomorrow.
School Duathlon entry forms are available at the office, get these filled in and back to school by next week.