Tuesday 28 June 2016

Week 9 Update

Our choir performed at the South Music festival tonight and they were fabulous. A big congratulations to Jarred and the choir. All of that hard work paid off; we were so proud of you all. A special well done to the talented comperes and beautiful soloists.

This Thursday is our Showcase evening for Year 5 - 8. All children performing need to be at school, in the hall, by 6:50pm. Groups performing are: Te Whanau Mahi Tahi, the choir, Jarred's Passion Friday drama group and the Friday youth band. Ailie and Oakley will be our comperes and Marco and Lennox will be managing the tech support. There will also be groups from Year 5 & 6 performing, as well as a video about Year 7 & 8. All families are most welcome to join us for what promises to be an entertaining evening.

Science Fair is occupying lots of our time at school at the moment. It was reassuring to hear many children have completed their experiments at home. If you have not seen your child working on their experiment at home, please ask questions and encourage them to get busy on this today. Display boards, which are being worked on at school, need to be finished by Thursday.

Ski Trip: On Thursday August 18th (week 4), we will all be at school bright and early (6:45am), ready to jump on the buses and head up to Mt Hutt, for an awesome day of fun and learning on the slopes. For this day to happen, we need the support of parent helpers. Please click on this link if you are interested in joining us for the day.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Week 7 Update

Week 7! Hard to believe, but we have three and a half weeks left of this term. Here are some important messages for this week.

Korfball: A huge well done to our korfball team who came third in the Christchurch competition at Cowles Stadium on Monday. They did so well, only losing one game. A special congratulations to Jaxon, who was named in the tournament team.

World Vision Famine: It was great to hear about the children's experiences of doing the 20 or 40 hour famine over the weekend. Please encourage your child to collect in their sponsorship money as quickly as possible.

Science: We are in the midst of science fair projects. By now your child should have their question sorted, research underway and maybe a hypothesis written. We are focusing on the paperwork and research at school, while the actual experiment needs to be undertaken at home. If your child needs equipment such as test tubes, beakers, thermometers, wires etc, they need to e-mail their home-group teacher, so these can be sorted.  The children need to take lots of photos of their experiment at different stages and save these photos in their google drive, so they can access them at school. Many thanks to those of you who are supporting your child with their learning at home. Experiments should be happening this week and next.  Note that the experiment may need to be repeated several times to get reliable data.

Showcase: Our Showcase evening is just over two weeks away on Thursday June 30th. The choir, Te Whanau Mahi Tahi, the drama passion group and some band musicians will be performing that evening. All children and their families are welcome to attend. 

Passion Friday Foodies: If your child is in this group, they should have consulted with you about the ingredients they need to bring to make their dessert this Friday. 

Creating gourmet pizzas last Friday. 

Clocks get their first layer of papier mache.

Taping the clock box together.