Thursday 17 April 2014

Fabulous First Term

This week we surveyed the children to get their feedback on term one in Kauri Whanau. On the whole it was extremely positive.   The children are happy, are learning lots and are becoming very good self managers. They thought camp was awesome. We loved this comment...

' ... each day it's a new activity, I really love going to school this year. The term has gone by quickly, it feels like it's only been about a month not four. I'm worried the whole year will go by this quickly, I don't want the fun to end.'

We finished on a high note this afternoon when the children shared their camp projects. We look forward to seeing the movies and powerpoints next term.

As part of Passion Friday, 20 talented artists have created the coolest clocks!

Next term's passions will be: drama, enviro-busters and football. 

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.

Thursday 10 April 2014

Thursday in Dunedin

We are nearly at the end of a wonderful week away. Today we had fun at the Railway Station and Early Settlers Museum in the morning; one of the highlights was dressing up as early settlers. Then it was off to Carisbrook for a very impressive welcome, followed by lunch and a look around their new school. Climbing aboard the buses, we headed off to Edgar Sports Stadium for our sports challenge. Beckenham played superbly and displayed great sportsmanship. The result was 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, so the trophy comes back to Christchurch. Next stop was the long awaited  Cadburys visit, yum! Thanks to Tim, we finished the afternoon with quick tour around Forsyth-Barr Stadium, pretty cool. Right now we have some kids at the beach and others tuning up for the camp concert. We'll see you all tomorrow around mid-afternoon. Check school-links in the afternoon for our ETA.

The Railway Station was a sight to behold.

A spot of juggling outside the Railway Station.

Learning about the people who sailed to Otago in the 1840s.

The Early Settlers Museum held many treats.

It was a hard life way back then!

Sharing kai after the welcome at Carisbrook.

Another 4 heads into the net.

Great game...

Hair nets, goodie bags full of chocolate treats and now we know how they get the chocolate buttons inside the Easter eggs!

A quick massage in the changing rooms at Forsyth-Barr.

Sharing sports results in an awesome setting.

Another fantastic day nearly over.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Wednesday in Dunedin

Late post tonight, as we have had such a big day. We started out with the 'Baldwin Street Event'; we were out to beat the 1:00 record for running up. Didn't quite break it, but there were many top efforts. Then it was off to town for our circuit of activities; photo challenge around university, talking with the birds at the Botanic Gardens, exploring the museum and getting up close with the butterflies. It was another top day, the kids were brilliant. By 4:30 we piled back into the buses and headed off to Moana Pool to burn off the last shreds of energy. By the time we got back to camp at 7:30 we were famished. The parents did an awesome job of preparing the most delicious nachos. It's now 9:30 and all is quiet except for the manly giggles coming from the adults in the kitchen. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

If you look close, you'll see the cutest penguins making their way up the beach. Was worth the long wait.
Another great birthday.

The most amazingly tidy bunkroom, well done boys!

Any they're off...

Nearly there...

Final burst of energy.

Catching breath at the top.

First, second and third.

Learning to whistle like the birds.

Up close with the butterflies.

Encouraging those lovely blue wings to open up.

Fun in the discovery centre.

Still had energy left to run up and slide down a zillion times.

Funny man entertains after dinner.

Two fabulous kitchen helpers

The butterfly egg...

... which transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Behind the waterfall in the 'tropical forest'.

The Coast getting exuberant at Otago Uni.