Friday 28 September 2012

That was term 3.

What an action packed week to finish the term...

On Tuesday we heard from Josie about Fair Trade. She left us with some key messages; Fair Trade is helping people to help themselves and it enables families to educate their children, have access to clean water, medical needs and adequate shelter. All we need to do to help is purchase Fair Trade products and now we know how to identify these by the label.

The House Captains and their helpers did a superb job of organising the House Picnic on Wednesday.

We enjoyed an afternoon of fine entertainment at the School Talent Quest. From cute magicians to stunning singers, musicians and dancers; what talent we have at Beckenham! Congratulations to Beth (first place) and Grace and Maddie (second place). I'm glad I wasn't judging - the standard was very high and it must have been a tough decision picking the winners.

Speech finals produced more superb entertainment. Topics ranged from 'How to procrastinate like a professional' to 'Ferral Children', 'Steriotyping' and 'Pop Music'. The audience was captivated for almost an hour. Brilliant work people, we loved listening to you all. Congratulations to Danielle (1st), Beth (2nd) and Anna J (3rd).

Mid- summer Night's Dream creation is in full swing. Rhythm bounces off the walls of Room 16, coordination and creation are abound in Room 17, the story is being pieced together as an original work in  Room 18 and paint, hot glue, bubbles and wire-cutters are being put to good use in Room 19. Next term we step up to two sessions a week as we work towards staging this production on Thursday November 29th.

On Friday we said a fond farewell to Mrs Radcliffe. We will miss her calm and reassuring manner and her style and grace.

Next term we have lots to look forward to:
  • Team Spelling Bee on Thursday Oct 18th
  • Athletic Sports on Thursday Oct 25th
  • Weekly self defence for girls in Rooms 18 and 19 on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Football Literacy for Year 8s
  • Top Team competition on November 9th
  • Mid-summer Night's Dream on November 29th
  • and much more...

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