Friday 19 October 2012

Week 2 Update

It's been great to welcome everyone to our final term. Athletics, science interchange and a team spelling bee have been highlights this week.

Spelling Bee: Thanks to the initiative of two of our Year 8 students, Jignasha and Maigan, we have had a series of class spelling bees following the 'Akeela and the Bee' AVAILLL unit. This culminated in the Team Bee held on Thursday. Each class was represented by 5 keen spellers. Congratulations to Grace from Room 19 who was first, Megan of Room 18 who came second and Kate also from Room 18 who was third. This will become an annual team event, a big thanks to Jignasha and Maigan for all their organisation.

Exciting Opportunity for Year 7: We have received information from Elwing Discoveries about their 'Year 8 Leadership Voyage' from Feb 3 - 6 2013, setting out from Bluff. Such an experience comes at a cost of $500 all inclusive from Bluff. We are keen to send a student (or possibly 2) on this voyage and are prepared to subsidise the trip by 50%. Please click on the 'Elwig' tab above to find out more.

Inter-School Challenge: The Erin Simpson Show is running an event to pit the fastest and most athletic Year 7 & 8 students against each other. Each team consists of 2 girls and 2 boys. We are keen to enter at least one team in this competition. Team members will be selected following Sports Day.

The following students have earned leadership awards. These will be presented at PRIDE assembly on Friday Nov 2nd at 10am. You are most welcome to attend.
Bronze: Sam Bacon, Liam de la Mare, Jessica Lange, Naquita Cross, Jack Harrison, Martina Hillman, Phoebe Kerr, Annalise Lightbourne, Alyssa Palmer, Xena Pope, Jack McMecking, Niamh Menzies, Sophie van Soest, Teille Gaines, Oscar Hooper, Henry Maude, Grace Moulin-Gower, Andrew Proud, Starleigh Simons
Silver: Leni Frampton, Saria Terry, Heidi Cooper, Claudia Hillyer, Julia Siddall, Brendon Dickens, James HanlonGold: Alexandra Limmer
Upcoming events:
Thurs Oct 25   Athletic Sports
Mon Oct 29   “One of the Family”presentation by SPCA
Fri Nov 9         Top Team Competition, based at school for all Year 7 & 8
Mon Nov 19    Electronics day (Future in Tech), GATE programme for Year 7
Wed Dec 5       Midsummer Night's Dream, involves all Year 7 & 8 students.Performance 1
Thurs Dec 6     Midsummer Night's Dream, involves all Year 7 & 8 students. Performance 2
Mon Dec 10     Open afternoon, a celebration of learning.
Thurs Dec 13   Prize-giving and Farewell for Year 8. Year 8s finish at lunchtime.
Fri Dec 14        Last day of the year.

* We are planning a fun day out at the end of term, event and date yet to be confirmed.

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