Monday 15 April 2013

Week 12 Update

Phew, we have nearly made it to the end of a rather long term. This week we have a big focus on J-Rock, finalising choreography and practise, practise, practise. Thanks to those of you who have offered to source costumes. Any child who is unable to arrange their own costume, needs to let their teacher know by the end of term so that we have a complete list for the crew who are sourcing costumes. Please make sure you have set aside May 20 and 21st on your calendar, we should know this week the exact day of the performance.

Sport: Our summer sport options of bowls, gym and mountain biking come to an end this week. The school cross country is in the second week of term 2, so it would be great if children could put in some training runs over the holidays. Friday winter sport gets underway mid-way through term 2. If you are able to help out with coaching a rugby, football, hockey or netball team, please let Bruce Rodger know ASAP. The number of teams we can enter is dependent on the number of coaches we can get.

Home Learning: Friday is the final due date for home learning this term. Those children who have always met home learning deadlines will be rewarded with an 'attitude afternoon' on Friday. Thanks to those of you who have already filled in the home learning survey that was emailed out on Saturday. If you haven't yet completed this, please take a couple of minutes to fill it in before the end of Tuesday. Home learning will be reviewed at Learning Conferences in the first week of term 2. We plan to send home an options sheet before then so that you can discuss any changes you and your child would like to make to their home learning plan before the conference.

Learning Conferences: Thanks to those who have already booked a learning conference for week one next term. If you are having trouble logging in to School-links, please give Jacky a call in the office.

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