Tuesday 8 April 2014

Day 2 in Dunedin

What a cool day we have had so far. After a great sleep, we hit the road early en route to the Albatross Colony. Needed a break for some wonky tummies, but arrived safely. Got to see some 3 month old albatross chicks, adult albatrosses flying, and learnt heaps about flight through video, talk and some hands on experiments. We also explored a very big and very old gun. Next we walked down to Pilots Beach, very quietly, so as not to disturb the yellowed eyed penguins who were hanging out on the beach ... wow, this was a rare treat. Back on the buses, we made our way to Larnach's Castle where we had lunch in the stables and then headed off on a brilliant tour. The guides were most impressed with the listening and behaviour of the children. We are about to have an early tea before heading back out down the peninsula to see the little blue penguins come in.

One of the three chicks we could see.

Putting the albatross together.

Investigating flight and wind foils.
Gun is about to fire ... just tricking.

This was a real treat, seeing a yellow-eyed penguin.

That's the penguin in the bottom right corner.

We ate lunch in style at the castle.

Ready for the tour.

Learning about the history of the castle in the library.

Up we go.

What an awesome view from the top of the tower.

The final climb to the top.

Go the Mountains!

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Unknown said...

Wow - Thanks for sharing this looks like you are all having a great time! Look forward to all the stories on your return.