Sunday 7 June 2020

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 2 Week 8/9

Things are ticking along nicely in our Intermediate Hub. The children have settled well into the routine of self-directed learning at the start of each day. It is great to see so many BYOD devices coming to school each day. On Friday Sandy sent out a newsletter with details of learning conferences in the last week of term. Please note that you need to allow 30 mins for a Year 7 & 8 conference.


Otis has been taken on as an illustrator for Toitoi, a magazine that publishes the work of young people. Over 1000 submissions were entered for the upcoming issue. What a fantastic achievement.

Henry H has been awarded 1st place in the Year 7/8 category in the Speaking 4 the Planet competition for his speech on increasing biodiversity in farming practises.

Rosie has been awarded 2nd place in the School for Young Writers monologue competition. Grace H achieved a Highly Commended for her monologue.

It is fantastic to see so many children showing a love of learning and challenge and putting their work out there. What great courage this shows.


With colder days we want the children to be warm at school. The hub is very cosy and they also need to be warm when outside. School uniform jackets and polar fleeces rather than non-uniform items need to be worn. A back thermal under their red shirt is a great way to add a layer of warmth. Hoodies should not be worn to school.

Sport starts this Thursday

Our zone winter sport competition starts this Thursday. Many thanks to the parents who are taking/supporting teams; we couldn't do this without you. It will be exciting to be underway with this new local competition. If your child is involved in this competition, please read the important info from Jenny at the end of this post.

Cross Country

Yes, it is that time again - cross country training. A chance to get out around our beautiful neighborhood for a light jog, to get the heart rate up and do the body lots of good! We encourage all children to give their best effort, with the baseline being - run a lamp-post, walk a lamp-post, run a lamp-post, etc. One teacher runs with the children and we also power-walk at the back, encouraging the children at the end of the pack. If for any reason your child is medically unfit to run, please send a note or email your child's teacher. Please also make sure your child brings suitable shoes for running. The school cross country is on June 16th.

If you are available to help Marshal on the 16th, please email Jenny.

Early start on Tuesdays

Just a quick reminder that all Year 7 & 8s need to be at school by 8:30am on Tuesday to catch the bus to technology. We will no longer be dropping children, who turn up late, off by car. If they miss the bus, they will spend the morning at Beckenham.

Ski Day

Our team ski day is all booked in for Friday August 28th. With a lesson time of 11:30, we will need to leave school by 7:30am and should return close to 6pm. As part of the schools deal the children get skis, boots, poles and a helmet. Soon we will be sending home a form that explains clothing requirements and how we can support families to get the clothing their child needs. At this stage, we need to know who can come along on the day as a parent helper. Please read and complete this form if you can help us out.

High Schools Information: Shirley Boys' High School

Scholarships now open:
CV Gallagher Academic - Creative Shirley - Spartan Sports
Registrations close 19th June

Visit more information

Information for Competitive Winter Sport players

Thank you for your patience as we work through a competitive winter sport option for Years 5 - 8.

Competitive winter sport starts this Thursday and will run for three weeks.

Development Players

Children who are not in a competitive team will have a training session and fun games on a Thursday afternoon at school. The options available for these children are netball, hockey, football, table tennis, badminton and chess.

Game Locations

  • All hockey games will be at Beckenham Park.
  • All football games will be at Hansens Park 
  • Netball games will be held at local schools, including Beckenham, Thorrington, St Martins, Hillview and Steiner. Each team will likely go to a different venue each week. 

All travelling teams will be walking to their game. They will be accompanied by teaching staff and/or parents. A huge thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time for this. If you have offered your time as children supervision, it is looking highly likely that we will need your support. I will be in touch soon with the finer details.

Games start at 1:50. This means that, unlike our usual winter sports programme, the morning learning time will not be affected.

Covid- 19 Guidelines

We will be recording names of all children and adults that are at each venue to allow for contact tracing if necessary. If you wish to spectate a game, please ensure that you check in with the Beckenham adult at that venue.

Safety Gear and uniforms

Uniforms will be issued by Anne Chin at the library this week. Instructions will be given via the daily notices.

Essential safety gear

  • Hockey - mouth guard and shin guards are essential
  • Football - shin guards and football boot
  • Netball - short nails and no jewellery

If your child needs, shin guards or football boots, please ask them to see me as soon as possible next week. Hockey players will also be able to borrow a hockey stick if needed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jenny. 

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