Thursday 21 October 2021

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 1

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  • Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Parent help
  • Cantamath canceled
  • Sunhats and masks
  • Year 8 photos

  • Relationships and Sexuality Education

    Many thanks to everyone who has indicated they will be coming to the Relationships and Sexuality Education parent meeting this this evening (Thursday) in our hub. If you intend to attend and have not let us know yet, please fill in this form. Lessons will start next Wednesday.

    Parent Help

    Many thanks to the parents who will be helping with our passions programme this term. I am also keen to have a helper or two to join our 'Sustainable Gifts' passion. This will involve supervising a small group in a making activity each Friday afternoon. Even if you could just make some Fridays, that would make a difference.  Please fill in this form if you can help.

    During this term we have two events planned where we will require parent help, Top Team on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 16th, and a trip to Corsair Bay on Thursday, December 9th. If you can help with either of these events, please complete this form.

    Over the past six or so years we have had a Year 8 pool and pizza party in the last week of term, from 4 - 6pm. In the past, this has been hosted by a teacher or a parent at their homes. We would love this tradition to continue. We organise the pizza and provide supervision, however, none of us live at a property suitable for hosting such a gathering this year. If you think you could host such an event or if you have a good idea for an alternative, please email Nicky.


    We received an email from the Cantamath organisers yesterday to say that despite exploring many possible options they are unable to go ahead this term. There were a large number of outstanding projects that we were going to send through to Cantamath. These are in Pukaki and will need to go home, some via car - looking at their size. 

    Sunhats and masks

    It was fabulous to see a huge number of our team prepared with masks for the tech bus on Tuesday. Please keep checking that these are packed for all Year 7 & 8s on Tuesday mornings.
    We have a small number of children who are yet to bring a sunhat to school. This makes things really tricky for breaktimes and PE. We realise that Year 8s may not want to purchase a red hat if theirs is missing. Any fully brimmed sunhat will suffice.

    Year 8 Photos

    Many thanks to those who have already sent me a photo of your Year 8 as a 5 year old. If you have yet to do this,  can you please email me ( a photo of your child when they started school. This can either be an 'at / going to school' photo or any photo of them as a 5-year-old. If you cannot email a photo, please send in the hard copy next week and I will scan and return it the same day. I'd love these pics ASAP.

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