Tuesday 19 March 2024

Kauri Whānau Update: Term 1, Week 7



  • PALS Training
  • Cheese Rolls
  • Inquiry
  • Donations/Trips

PALS Training:
On Tuesday, 12 children took part in some leadership training at Cowles Stadium. The children were taught a range of new games and how to teach them to others. The course got the children problem-solving and thinking of ways that they could adapt each game on the fly should things not go to plan or if they needed to make the game harder or easier. Thank you to the whānau who provided transport to the stadium and to Sport Canterbury for running the event.

Cheese Rolls:
Please continue to order your cheese rolls and support the Kauri team in our fundraising efforts. This is the last week you can place your order and all proceeds go to our education outside of the classroom oppurtunities!

This week the focus of our identity topic was looking into the 24 character traits of people. We learnt about each trait and what they meant. In homegroups we carried out a compliment circle, where students nomitated each other for certain character traits and explained how that persone deomstrated the particular trait. It was a very positive and uplifting experience. A reminder that if you are able to come and have a chat with our students about something you have achieved, experienced or been a part of that has contributed to your identity or whakapapa please contact us!

We are planning a few trips in Week 11, the last week of term and will need some parent helpers. Please stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to find out more. Thanks to all who have paid or are paying off school donations. We are relying on these payments and fundraising to be able to provide these oppurtunities for our Kauri students.

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