Friday 24 May 2024

Kauri Whānau Update: Term 2, Week 4

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  • Wellbeing Week
  • Cyber Safety: TikTok
  • Cross Country
  • Getting Winter Ready: Ski Sale

Wellbeing Week: A Focus on Emotional Literacy and Social Skills

We're excited to announce our upcoming Wellbeing Week, dedicated to enhancing our students' emotional literacy, social coaching, collaborative problem-solving, and overall sense of connection.

Throughout the week, we will:
  • Emphasize Emotional Literacy: Helping children understand and express their emotions effectively.
  • Provide Social Coaching: Guiding students in building strong, positive relationships with their peers.
  • Encourage Collaborative Problem Solving: Teaching children to work together to find solutions and overcome challenges.
  • Reinforce Connection: Strengthening the bonds within our school community.
Additionally, we will review our routines and expectations to ensure a smooth and supportive environment in the hub.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your child's homegroup teacher in the first instance.

Cyber Safety: All You Need to Know About TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media apps. It’s a platform for creating, sharing and discovering short videos – and many young people love it! From new dance crazes to funny clips to animal videos, TikTok can inspire creativity and bring joy.

But it’s important that parents and whānau help their tamariki navigate TikTok safely. Today we’re sharing the Netsafe Tiktok Family Safety Toolkit so you can help guide your whānau to a fun and safe digital experience.

Cross Country

On Tuesday afternoon last week we had our school cross country. Unlike last year, it was a lovely clear day, perfect for running. All of the Kauri students did well on the day, running hard and supporting others in turn.

On Wednesday, some students from both Kauri and Pohutukawa teams went to Zones at Hansen's Park. We will have a record number of students representing our kura at the Canterbury finals.

A massive thank you to Jenny for organising the school Cross Country and setting our students up for success at Zones.

Getting Winter Ready: Ski Sale

The following was spotted on Facebook in the last week and was passed on to us to share, as it would be great with the cold winter and our Ski Day coming up next term:

City Mission Op Shop
We’ve just received a huge donation of second hand ski gear from NZSki just in time for winter!
Jacket, pants & overalls in a range of sizes are just $5 each!
It’s chilly out there but thanks to NZSki we can keep you warm!
Available at of our City Mission Op Shops.

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