Sunday 11 August 2013

Youth Market at Pallet Pavillion

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the email below...

(We) are running a Youth Market on the 31st of August from 2pm until 8pm, at the Pallet Pavilion, and we need many more stalls to be held. Every stall will be run by young people, and any profits made can be kept by the seller. The stalls can sell anything - crafts, food, clothes, or anything else that creative minds can put together. We do ask that every stall idea is run past the Youth Council, so we can make sure we can accommodate it, as well as create a good stall layout in the Pallet Pavilion. There are limited stall numbers though, as the Pavilion is not the largest of spaces, so we recommend people get in quickly, before it's too late. There is for the moment a $25 fee for hot food vendors, as we have to pay for all the power we use throughout the market. However, we are in the process of finding a way to avoid this cost. We will keep you updated with this and any other details!
The other invitation for the market is for any talented musicians. As the market runs, we will have young musicians perform, which is a great way for people to promote themselves. There will also be a concert in the Pavilion after the market, and I wish to extend the invitation for this too. We haven't sorted yet how long each musician will play for - that will depend on how many people wish to perform. We ask that each musician sends us an MP3 file of their work so that we can put together a performance order and establish whether it is appropriate music. To get in contact with me, please email me at: before the 20th of August.

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