Tuesday 25 April 2017

Kauri Whanau: J-Rock costumes

We had a great last day of term at Beckenham putting together our J-Rock performance and identifying what still needs work. A reminder that performance day is Thursday May 18th, from 9am until 9pm.

Many thanks to those of you who have offered to help with J-Rock fundraising, food preparation and costume sewing. If you haven't signed up for this yet, and would like to, please click here.  I will contact costume sewers in later this week, or in the first week of term two.

Below are the costume requirements for each part. Some children have several parts. They will let you know who they are.

All girls (except the 'old' school children): black footless tights / leggings and black singlet or camisole.

All boys (except Joel and Fynn): long black pants (no logos showing) and plain black t-shirt (this can be a patterned one turned inside out).

Pond / Flames / Fire: Costumes will be sewn for these parts.

Builders: Overalls / dungarees or checked button-up shirts

Maori welcome: Sherrilee is helping us to source costumes for these parts.

'Old' school children: A white button up shirt (blouse) and black culottes for the girls and trousers for Joel.

Soldiers: Jarred is trying to source jackets and hats. If anyone has access to these, please let us know.

Modern school children: Black base and red school polo shirt.

Earthquake dancers: Black base and a fluorescent vest, either yellow, orange, pink or green.

If you are able to source your child's costume, that would be great. If you are able to help with items such as dungarees, checked button shirts, white button shirts and fluorescent vests, for other children, please let one of us know. If you need help sourcing any items for your child, please let us know by week one of term two.

Many thanks for your support with our J-Rock performance.

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