Thursday 14 March 2019

We urgently need your support.

Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the Kiwiana COMEDY Bingo NIGHT on Saturday 23rd March.
Luckily there are lots of ways YOU can help with this fundraiser, even if you can't attend.
Here are some of the ways YOU can help & keep the costs down for the WAINUI CAMP-
  • ATTEND the event. Book your tickets now:
  • Unfortunately, I can't attend but will BOOK tickets for my friends & family (over the age of 18) using the booking link above.
  • I am happy to donate a GROCERY HAMPER ITEM (unopened, nonperishable & not expired items: sauces, relishes, EASTER treats, chocolates, sweets & pamper items). These items will be added to the Grocery Hamper to be raffled off on the night. Please drop off to the Kauri Hub prior to the event.
  • I would like to make a SUPPER PLATE (Requirement of our Liquor Licence). The plate can be SWEET or SAVOURY. You will receive an email with instructions if you select this option
  • ADVERTISE the event- share the event on Fb (event advertised on BOTH school & PTA Fb page) to all your friends, grab an A4 ( All children will come home with a flyer soon!) flyer & advertise at your workplace or other community locations.
  • Help with the SET UP of the hall between 2 and 4pm on the 23rd March
  • Donate a PRIZE that could be used for a MYSTERY BAG &/or SILENT AUCTION
  • I would like to be a HELPER on the night at the event
PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK & record how your family can assist-

So far we have had ONE Family complete this link & ticket sales are LOW
We have 108 families in this Hub, if we ALL contribute in some way we will ALL benefit as the camp costs will be reduced.
Unfortunately, we will have to cancel this FUNdraising event if we do not get more support ASAP

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