Friday 29 May 2015

World War 1 Home Learning Shared

We had a great time on Monday sharing our packages for the soldiers. The children had done a fabulous job; many thanks to you at home for your input.  We are currently marking the letters that they wrote, again we have been impressed with the way they infused research into their creative writing.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Week 5 Update

Gifts for Vanuatu: A big thanks for all of the goodies that were sent in for Vanuatu. This afternoon the student council exec delivered 65 boxes from across the school.

J-Rock: What an awesome day! We were so proud of each and every one of our fabulous children as they conducted themselves during the day and when they performed on stage. We had big expectations and those expectations were met, even exceeded.  We are just in the process of making professional photos, taken of the evening performance, available for you to download for free! Will let you know how to do this once we have the instructions.

A lot of time was devoted to make-up!

We had fun in the foyer playing games and meeting children from other schools.

Dress rehearsal time.

A huge thanks to the mums who cooked us a delicious dinner.

We looked so cool in our costumes. 

Sunday 10 May 2015

It's J-Rock week!

We are pretty jolly excited about performing at J-Rock in front of a huge audience on Thursday evening, and the day of fun at the Horncastle Arena, before the performance. On Friday we put on our costumes for the first time...