Wednesday 22 May 2013

Well that was J-Rock!

What a fabulous day we had yesterday. Hopefully your child came home fizzing about the experience last night. They stepped up and did us proud with a performance packed with energy, smiles and lots of precision. We came away with 8 excellence awards ... we were stoked! Today we spent an hour de-briefing, sharing highlights and observations, looking at photos and enjoying the buzz of the previous day. The children asked if we would do it again next year, with rather tired expressions (it's been a pretty major undertaking), we replied that we were thinking of 2015. We asked who would be keen to do it again and I think nearly every Year 7 hand was raised and raised very high!

A huge thanks to the 'dinner ladies' who arrived early so that dinner could be served as soon as the children had attended the final production meeting. The hot-dogs were delicious, and enviously eyed up by other schools.

One of the big highlights of the day was being with the high schools. Seeing what they put together was very inspiring and the children loved watching their dress rehearsals. The high school kids interacted really well with the J-Rockers and gave the children a lovely snapshot of the exciting stuff that lies ahead at high school. After listening to the high schools revving it up, our kids are now very keen to create a school chant.

We have decided to purchase the school package of photos, this will mean that you can access digital images of the performance (at least 150 of our own J-Rock) free of charge, with no watermark. We will let you know as soon as these are available and where to access them.

Enjoy the photos (below) that were taken from the wings, not the professional version just yet. We would love to hear what you thought by clicking the 'no comments' or 'comments' below and leaving a message.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Race to the Neck

Last term 10 of our talented young writers created a radio play while working with the Christchurch School For Young Writers. Listen to their play by visiting Plains FM.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Week 3 Update

J-Rock: Tuesday is the big day. Final reminders are coming out on School-links or a paper notice on Monday. A big thanks to all of the wonderful parents who have helped us to put this performance together; the costume finders, dress-makers, prop constructors and meal preparers. It has been a true team effort. A huge thanks to Megan Harris who has been our J-Rock director and the one who has dealt with the numerous forms and emails. This has been a huge undertaking, but when we see the enjoyment and buzz in the children, we know it has been worth the effort.

Winter Sport starts this week. Please make sure children are prepared with footwear, shin pads, mouth guards as required. Uniforms will be handed out later this week.

Basketball is underway. The Breakers had their first game and first win last Friday. The Baskets will have their first game on May 27th.

A huge well done to our Duathlon Team who did us proud last Wednesday, and a big good luck to our Cross Country Team who will compete at the zone event on Wednesday morning.

ICAS computer test will be held on Monday morning. This is earlier than scheduled due to J-Rock.

Fire Safety: This Thursday afternoon we have Michael Balmer from the fire service visiting, to talk with our team about fire safety.

Monday 13 May 2013

Cross Country Tomorrow; Tuesday

Starting Times
 Year 5 Boys – 1:45 pm  Year 5 Girls – 1:50 pm
 Year 6 Boys – 2:00 pm  Year 6 Girls – 2:05 pm
 Year 7 Boys – 2:15 pm  Year 7 Girls – 2:20 pm
 Year 8 Boys – 2:30 pm  Year 8 Girls – 2:35 pm

 While waiting for their race, and after races, students should remain in their seating area.
 The last race should finish by 2:55 pm. Students to then go back to their classrooms.
 Students should have a warm top and a named drink bottle. Asthma suffers should have their medication with them. (Teachers – please be responsible for making sure all medication is available.)

We hope some parents can make it to cheer the children along.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Week 2 Update

Term 2 has started with a hiss and a roar. This is the term of high school open nights, J-Rock, winter sport, cross country, ICAS tests, the art exhibition and much much more.

Open Nights. So far we have received information from Shirley Boys and Cashmere High. The Year 8 students should have brought flyers home from Cashmere High on Friday, if you would like a brochure about  Shirley Boys, your child can collect one from Room 19. I will let you know as soon as we get information from other schools.

  • Cashmere: Tuesday June 4th, 4pm - 6:30pm
  • Shirley Boys: Thursday May 30th, 4pm - 7pm
J-Rock: A notice is coming out via School -links today and in paper form on Monday. Please complete the reply form and get this back to school promptly. On May 21st, your child will be at the CBS Arena (we get there by bus) from 9am until you collect them at either 9pm or 11pm (if you are watching the show). Tickets are available through Ticketek, for between $27 - $33. In order for all families to view the show we are putting on a performance at school, along with the senior chorale and the drama workshop group, on Thursday June 6th, starting at 6pm. As May 21st will be a huge day, the children have the option of a 10:30 start on May 22.

Winter Sport: Over the next week there will be trials for winter sports teams during lunch hours at school. The competition gets underway in week 4, on Friday May 24th. At this stage we are urgently in need of netball coaches / managers, please contact Bruce Rodger before 3pm on Monday if you can help out:

Basketball: We have two teams in the Pioneer competition this year. The Beckenham Breakers have their first game this Friday (17th) at 4pm, the Beckenham Baskets will find out in a couple of days when their first Monday game is, as we are still waiting for their draw.

Leadership Awards: A number of Year 8 students will be receiving their bronze or silver leadership award at PRIDE assembly this Friday. These students will be notified on Tuesday.

Cross Country: This is taking place on Tuesday (May 14). You are welcome to come along and support the students. We have been impressed with the attitude and effort being displayed by 95% of the students during our training runs.

Canterbury Duathlon: Good luck to Naquita, Emily, Jacob, Jack, Claudia, Dom, Melanie and Georgia who will be competing in the Canterbury Primary Schools Duathlon on Wednesday morning at Ruapuna Raceway. Remember we are leaving school at 8am.