Sunday 31 March 2019

We still need help with cheese roll making.

Many thanks to Hiroko, Sonja, Jacky and Justine for your offers of help with our cheese roll fundraiser this Thursday. This will be a great learning opportunity for the children in our hub.

We still need one adult to help on Thursday morning, as well as some electric knives, large pots and chopping boards. Please fill in this form if you can help.

Many thanks!

Cheese Roll Containers

This message is for everyone who has ordered cheese rolls.

To save on packaging and to be kind to our environment, we would love you to provide a container for us to package your cheese rolls in.

We will put collection boxes outside the hall each day this week.

Please label your container with:

  • The name of your child 
  • Their team
  • The number of dozen you have ordered
If you need to check on your order, email

We will provide recyclable containers for those who don't provide their own.

Your cheese rolls will be available for collection after school on Thursday this week. Many thanks for your support. 

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 8

This week we are underway with training walks for camp and Show Quest dance rehearsals most afternoons. It was great to see how well the children coped with our first walk yesterday. Steady uphill climbing (and the heat) was challenging, and they showed good resilience.

We have an urgent request for parent help on camp. Over the past two days, three people have had to pull out as full-time camp parents due to work commitments. We don't expect, at this late stage, that people will be able to offer to come for a full week, but if you were able to join us for even a day or two, that would really help. It is a 90-minute drive to Wainui from the city. Please fill out this form if you have some availability from April 8 - 12.

Cheese Rolls:

We will be making 400 dozen cheese rolls next Thursday! A huge thanks to everyone who has ordered, especially those families who gathered high numbers of orders by asking friends and family. 100 of these dozen orders came from just 5 families. The children will be the workforce in this production business, but we need about 4 parents and some loan equipment. Please click here to indicate if you can help.

Bingo Night:

We have rescheduled our Comedy Bingo Night to Saturday, May 18th. Please promote this fundraiser among your family and friends. A new ticket order link will be sent out soon.


Have you...

  • Returned your child's (Yr 7) Health Profile Form and those for camp parents?
  • Sent your child's raincoat along to school for checking?
  • Checked through the gear list that was in our last post and was also sent home in paper form last week?
If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions, please follow-up on this ASAP.

Many thanks to those who have offered to prepare a pasta meal for our first evening at camp. We have enough offers. Megan or Hannah will be in touch with you about this soon. Please also remember that we are asking each family to provide some baking for camp.

Camp Cost:

Taking into account the profits from cheese rolls and conservatively anticipating profits from our Bingo Night, we are requesting your contribution of  $170 per child to cover the costs of camp.  This will be added to your next account. This can be paid on a small weekly payment basis if that better suits your family.


Winter sport relies on parent help to go ahead. So far we have no offers of help to take sports teams. Please fill in this form if you can help.
If your child would like to enter the Huxter Mountain Bike Race, please fill in this form and send money to the office by this Thursday.

Showing 'We Care':

Over the past few weeks, we have spent some time talking with groups of children about decisions they make when communicating via social media, out of school time. When poor choices are made, these have substantial repercussions for others. Our key messages are: if you wouldn't be comfortable saying this to them face to face, don't say it online, and do not post images of other people (especially ones that have been modified) without getting the person's approval. If your child is using social media, please reinforce these key messages with them often. Many of our children do not have access to social media. The legal age for a social media account at least 13 years. We totally see why this is necessary, through the dealings we have with our children under 13 who get into hot water through social media communications.

It was lovely to see many of our girls wanting to wear a headscarf last Friday to stand in support with Muslim women. Many thanks to Zeenat who came in and showed the girls how to wear these.

Sunday 24 March 2019

Last chance to order your cheese rolls!

Cheese roll orders close tomorrow. If you would still like to order some, please click this link.

Next steps for those who have ordered:

  • Please make sure you have paid, either online, by EFTPOS at the office or cash in the cheese roll box at the office.  Payments are due tomorrow, Monday.
  • If you would like to have your cheese rolls packaged in your own container, please look out for the box outside the hall at the start of week 9. Place your named container in this box.
  • Delivery day is Thursday, April 4th.
  • Get ready to toast your delicious treats!

Thursday 21 March 2019

Kauri Whanau: More for week 7 in term 1

Some important messages and reminders for Monday...

Forms in

All Year 7 and camp parent Health Profile and Medical Consent forms need to be in by Monday. Many thanks to so many of you who have already sent these in.


From next Monday we will be walking up Huntsbury Hill to build on fitness levels for camp. If your child has a medical reason that will prevent them from walking up (and down) for 60 - 90 mins, please email their home-group teacher before Monday.


Many thanks to those who have brought rain-coats in for checking. If your child has not brought theirs in yet, it needs to come in for checking next week.

Cheese Rolls

Cheese roll orders close on Monday. We are hoping to be flooded with last minute orders. Please place your order on this form or put your order form in the box in the office.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Kauri Whanau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 7

What extraordinary times we are living through at the moment. Our love and support goes to those in our team who we know have been directly affected by the events of last Friday. Yesterday we aimed for a very normal day at school. We acknowledged how well the children had done during the lockdown and how it was important not to talk about the details of what happened with peers at school, but to let us know if they did want to talk with an adult. The day went smoothly with the children responding positively to their learning.

Below is lots of important information about our upcoming camp to Wainui in the last week of term.

Camp Fundraising

In light of Friday's events we have decided to postpone the Bingo Comedy Night, scheduled for this coming Saturday, until next term. Ticket sales were steady until Friday and then dropped right off. I have contacted Jarred and once we have a new date we will let you know. Leigh is contacting those who have already booked tickets.

Cheese rolls sales are steady. Please use this link to place your order. It has been heartening to hear about children approaching friends, extended family and neighbors to boost sales.

We are assuming the Bingo night will make at least $1000 in term 2,  and once the cheese roll orders close next Monday, we will finalise the cost of camp. Please do your best to support our cheese roll fundraiser.

Can you join us for some afternoon walks?

Our first camp activity is a tramp to camp. The children will be walking the last section of the journey to Wainui, around 2 hours walking. In order to build up fitness for this, we will be walking up Huntsbury Hill regularly from next week. If you are able to join us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon, please click the link below. We will be leaving school at 2pm next week and possibly at the earlier time of 1:30 in the week before camp. Please fill in this form if you can join us.


Today we will be sending home a health profile form for all Year 7s. Camp parents will also need to complete this form.  We already have these for Year 8 from leadership camp. If any situations have changed for our Year 8 children since leadership camp, please update us by emailing your child's homeroom teacher.  We will also send home a paper copy of the gear list explained below. Our camp, from April 8 - 12, will be in the middle of autumn. While we hope for warm dry weather, we need to be prepared for the cold and wet. It is essential that every child has a waterproof coat. We need to sight your child's waterproof coat before camp. Please send it along to school sometime over the next week.  Please let us know if you need help sorting this for your child.

Camp Gear List (supplied by Wainui)

Please ensure all of the items below are named. Gear needs to be packed into a sturdy bag.

Warm Sleeping Bag or Bedding
Fitted sheet
Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap,  deodorant (not spray), shampoo etc.
3 towels
Warm waterproof jacket
2 warm jerseys
6 T-shirts
3 pairs of shorts
3 pairs of trousers
Socks and underwear
Thermals longs and tops
Swimming togs
Warm hat / beanie
Sun hat
2 pairs of lace up shoes, including one pair of sneakers that can be used for water activities.
Gumboots or jandals
Small Backpack
Water Bottle
Any Required Medication
Plastic bags for transporting wet clothes and shoes home
Lunch for the first day
A book

Optional Items

extra clothes, bedding, toiletries, cards, diary, wetsuit, camera etc

Do not bring

Money or valuables
Spray deodorant
Pocket knives
Sweets or energy drinks
Electronic equipment*

* Children will not have cell phones / electronic devices on them during the day. If they would like to make contact with home in the evening, we will make sure they have access to their phone to do this. We will be taking plenty of photos and will aim to put together a photobook after camp.

Camp Food

We will be self-catering at Wainui to help keep costs down and will ask for every family to donate some baking. We would also like some parents to volunteer to prepare a chicken pasta bake for our first night's dinner. We will provide the ingredients and send these home on the Friday before camp. Please fill in this form if you are happy to help prepare one of these dishes. 

Sports News

Huxter Mountain Bike Relay

Winter Sport

We are starting to look for coaches and team managers for winter sport for term 2 and 3. The more managers we have, the more teams we are able to send to Winter Sport. Coaching or managing a team ensures your child a place on the team, should they want it. Coaches need to be available for one lunchtime practice a week, while Team managers need to commit to attending games with their team on Friday afternoons from 1 to 2:30 pm. 

We need coaches and managers for the following sports: rugby, football, hockey and netball. Rugby coaches and managers are required to attend a short training course before they are able to referee games. This is to promote a safe and fair game.  Please complete this form if you are able to support us with this.

Congratulations to our children who participated in the Hanmer 4 Hour mountain bike relay on Saturday. 

Thursday 14 March 2019

We urgently need your support.

Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the Kiwiana COMEDY Bingo NIGHT on Saturday 23rd March.
Luckily there are lots of ways YOU can help with this fundraiser, even if you can't attend.
Here are some of the ways YOU can help & keep the costs down for the WAINUI CAMP-
  • ATTEND the event. Book your tickets now:
  • Unfortunately, I can't attend but will BOOK tickets for my friends & family (over the age of 18) using the booking link above.
  • I am happy to donate a GROCERY HAMPER ITEM (unopened, nonperishable & not expired items: sauces, relishes, EASTER treats, chocolates, sweets & pamper items). These items will be added to the Grocery Hamper to be raffled off on the night. Please drop off to the Kauri Hub prior to the event.
  • I would like to make a SUPPER PLATE (Requirement of our Liquor Licence). The plate can be SWEET or SAVOURY. You will receive an email with instructions if you select this option
  • ADVERTISE the event- share the event on Fb (event advertised on BOTH school & PTA Fb page) to all your friends, grab an A4 ( All children will come home with a flyer soon!) flyer & advertise at your workplace or other community locations.
  • Help with the SET UP of the hall between 2 and 4pm on the 23rd March
  • Donate a PRIZE that could be used for a MYSTERY BAG &/or SILENT AUCTION
  • I would like to be a HELPER on the night at the event
PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK & record how your family can assist-

So far we have had ONE Family complete this link & ticket sales are LOW
We have 108 families in this Hub, if we ALL contribute in some way we will ALL benefit as the camp costs will be reduced.
Unfortunately, we will have to cancel this FUNdraising event if we do not get more support ASAP

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Please Support Year 7 & 8 Camp Fundraising

Kia ora

The children in Kauri Whānau (Year 7 & 8) are off to camp at Wainui at the end of this term. We have two fundraising projects that we would appreciate your support with...

Do you love cheese rolls? 

We make the best cheese rolls! Our kitchen swings into action on Thursday, April 4th. If you would like to order some of our delicious cheese rolls, please click on this link to let us know your order. Orders close on Monday March 25th.

Kiwiana Comedy Bingo Evening

Get a group of friends together and come along for a good laugh and some great bingo! Click here to book tickets. Details below...

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Bingo Night Help Please

We hope you are going well with getting your group together for our Bingo Night to raise funds for Wainui Camp. Here is the link for ticket booking.

We are also on the hunt for prizes:

What could be examples of useful donations that we could use for a prizes?
Vouchers for CHCH eateries, shops, services ( like beauty salons, cleaning, gardening, businesses ) & entertainment venues (mini golf, movies, ice skating etc..)
Have you been given a gift of something you already have OR don't think you will use?- NEW toys, books, household items are gratefully accepted
Do you have access to a Holiday Home we could use to auction a weekend away for??
If unsure about whether your donation could be used as a prize- select the option on the form & advise in the "comments" on what you would like to donate & someone from the Bingo Planning Team will be in touch, Thanks

Monday 11 March 2019

Kauri Team Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 6

This term is rocketing by. We had a great leadership week last week. Lots of positive feedback has been sent through from the Yr 1- 4 teachers about the superb job that the Year 7s did as leaders in the junior classrooms at the end of last week. The Year 8s really stepped up during their two-day leadership camp. The inclement weather on Friday gave them the opportunity to put proactivity into action while completing team challenges at Spencer Park. After listening to Mark Inglis share his story of being trapped on top of Aoraki for 13 days, a little drizzle was nothing to complain about!

As we settle back into routine this week, the next big adventure on the horizon is Wainui Camp. It is time to fundraise so that we can reduce the cost of camp to all families. Please get in behind our two fundraising projects.

Comedy Bingo Evening 

Get a group of friends together for a great night of entertainment. So far only 4 tickets have been sold and we would like to sell around 120. Please click on this link now and book your tickets.  This fundraiser is solely for our camp, so please give it your support.

Cheese Rolls

Cheese rolls are a great family snack, especially as we head towards autumn. We will be making these at school in week 9. If you have ordered our cheese rolls in the past, you will know just how delicious they are!  Please contact your family and friends to see how many packets you can sell. Complete this form with your order.

Leadership Camp Photos

Sorting the 7 Habits

No high fives, but rather a high 3 and two halves with Mark Inglis. He lost the tips of two fingers from frostbite on Everest. That was after losing both legs below the knees after being stuck on Aoraki, Mt Cook for 13 days.  

Group initiative tasks. This one is balancing many people on a concrete block. 

Chilling out at Margaret Mahy Playground

Supporting each other during the ropes challenge.

The flying fox team challenge.

Slightly damp, but the BBQ lunch was great.

Our resident bus entertainer.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Week 5 Term 1

Week 4 is done and we have five weeks until we are off to Wainui! Next week is our leadership week. Today we shared a slideshow with the children about the week. A few missed out on this, so I have shared it through google classroom for them to check out over the weekend. Please read on for important messages.

The Momo Challenge

Yesterday, you would have received an email from the school regarding online behaviour, particularly around the "Momo Challenge." Please check the latest school newsletter online (or in your email) if you have yet to read Sandy's message.

We've been marking student reflections this afternoon and have noticed the challenge mentioned by a number of students, to a level that we will be discussing the challenge with the hub on Monday.

Please talk with your child about this over the weekend, if you haven't already done so. We would also recommend having them show you their social media accounts, particularly any forms of instant messages. 'The Momo Challenge' has been appearing in videos linked to games, such as Fortnite.

Reminders for leadership week which is starting on Monday:

Year 7: 

Can wear mufti on Monday.

Year 8:

Send in food donations by Wednesday:

  • Megan's homegroup (Te Awa) A bag of fresh fruit; apples, oranges, bananas etc.
  • Hannah's and Nicky's homegroups (Te Ngahere and Te Maunga) Baking
  • Jenny's homegroup (Te Tai): A packet of breakfast cereal
If you have yet to return your child's health profile and medical consent form, please send this in on Monday.

On Thursday Year 8 come prepared with the following for Leadership Camp:

Gear list: Your child needs to come to school on Thursday dressed in clothes suitable for physical activity, i.e. track pants or shorts, t-shirt, polypro if cold, a warm top and sports shoes, suitable for running. The following needs to be packed in an overnight bag:
  • Sleeping bag, pillow and something to sleep on, e.g. sleeping mat, stretcher or lilo
  • PJs
  • Toilet gear
  • A change of clothes for the next day, again suitable for physical activity
These things should be packed in a day pack:
  • Packed lunch and refillable drink bottle
  • Sunhat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Optional: camera, cell phone (these will be collected in) 

Please make sure asthmatic children have inhalers with them and that medication is in a labeled bag. This needs to be handed to the home-group teacher as soon as your child arrives at school.

Duathlon is on Tuesday afternoon. 

A separate email has been sent out about this today. Jenny is still looking for parent helpers.


Today was the due date for our current 'trust writing' topic. We will send out emails to children (copied to parents) who need to complete writing over the weekend.