Friday 14 December 2018

Kauri Whānau: Term 4 Week 9

What a fabulous day we had at Corsair Bay today. A number of children commented that we should be doing days like this more often! Many thanks to the parents who helped to supervise, especially those who went swimming. Check out the photos at the end of this post.

On Tuesday, the children will be bringing school books, artwork and stationery home. Please make sure they have plenty of room in their bags.

Victoria Park Walk on Monday:

On Monday we will be leaving school soon after 10am, on our way to Victoria Park on foot. Children may wear mufti to school. The must have a sunhat, sunscreen, water bottle, good sized lunch and any medication they may need, all packed in a backpack.


We are still in need of jars for our inquiry learning. Any size will be greatly appreciated. Please send these along on Monday.

Year 8 Party:

 On Monday we are having a pool and pizza party for the Year 8s at Georgie's house, which is up by Cashmere Primary School. Please check the map below for how to get there, via walking through the school grounds. It would be good to come with togs on under clothes. The forecast is for a brilliant day on Monday, so it will we wonderful to make use of the Cockfield's pool. We will also have access to the basketball court at the school. Pizza and a drink will be provided. Please arrive at 4pm and arrange pick-up at 6pm. 

Walking to 79 Dyers Pass Road from Cashmere Primary carpark.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Kauri to Corsair Bay tomorrow, Friday December 14

It looks like we are going to get a fine day for our trip to Corsair Bay tomorrow. We will be leaving school straight after assembly, at 10:30am. Please make sure the children come to school in their uniform with their swimming togs on underneath. In their backpack they need:

  • Towel
  • Underclothes
  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Medication, including inhalers and antihistamine
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch
  • A warm layer in case it gets cold
  • Change of clothes is optional
At the last minute, one of our parents has had to pull out. If you are free tomorrow and would like to join us, please email me.

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Kauri Team: Last show tonight!

The children are loving the opportunity to share their talents with you, in 'Court for Thought'. Our final show is tonight. If you saw it on Monday and would like to see it again, you are welcome to come along for a second viewing. Children need to meet in our hub at 6:45pm.

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Kauri Team Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 8

We are very pleased with the way the children are continuing to focus on their learning as we near the end of the year. There is a lot on over the next two weeks. Please take note of the important details below.

Production: Court for Thought

Our show, 'Court for Thought' - which celebrates our inquiry learning - is coming together nicely. We are two days out from our performance for the school, on Friday. Yesterday, we talked with the children about what they need to wear. Please check this with your child and make sure they have these clothes with them tomorrow, Thursday, for our dress rehearsal. Some children still need to learn the lyrics for 'Big Yellow Taxi'. These are online. All children sing this song. We would appreciate you checking how well they know these words and encourage them to go over these words tonight and tomorrow if needed.

This year, we are performing 'in the round' rather than on stage. This restricts our seating. It would help to know which night your whanau are planning to attend. Please click here to fill out a quick form.

Jars Needed:

Please send along any jars with lids that you may be recycling or do not need at home. Jars of all sizes will be gratefully received. There is a collection box for these in the hub.

Monday December 10: 

7pm start for first evening performance of 'Court for Thought'. Children need to be at school by 6:45pm.

Tuesday December 11:

Last day at technology, Christchurch South.

Wednesday December 12:

7pm start for final performance of 'Court for Thought'. Children need to be at school by 6:45pm.

Thursday December 13:

'Unveiling' of our community mural on the block wall by the ponds. This will happen at 2pm. Parents are welcome to attend if they would like to.

Friday December 14:

Final celebration assembly for the year, starting at 9:30. This will be followed by a helpers morning tea, from 10:30, for anyone who has helped out at school in some capacity this year.

Corsair Bay trip. We are hoping that summer returns properly by next Friday! Children are to come to school in uniform. They are to bring lunch and a water bottle (no orders this day), sunhat, sunscreen, togs and towel. If they have a wetsuit, they are welcome to bring this. They may also like to bring a picnic rug. Many thanks to Rory, Phillipa, Kate, George, Simon, Peter, Nicole, Rebecca, Anne and Henry who will be joining us on this trip. We will be leaving school at 11am and will return by 3pm.

Monday December 17:

Victoria Park walk. Children can wear mufti clothes suitable for walking to school on this day. They must have sunhat, sunscreen, inhaler if needed, lunch and water bottle,  and be wearing suitable walking shoes. We will leave school soon after 10am and will be back by 3pm. Many thanks to Anne, Henry, Nicola, Bryan, Simon, Peter, Kate, Jane and Kathryn who will be joining us for this walk.

Year 8 Party: We would love to see all year 8 children at their leavers' party from 4 - 6pm. Bring your togs for a swim. There is also a basketball court to play on. Pizza and drink provided. 79 Dyers Pass Road

Tuesday December 18:

Rehearsal for graduation assembly in the morning.

Wednesday December 19:

Graduation assembly starts at 11am. Year 8 to arrive at school at the usual time, dressed in their best mufti. A lunch for Year 8s and their parents will follow assembly at 12:30. By 1:15 all Year 8s should be on their way home. They will be finished for the year.

Thursday December 20:

Final day for Year 1- 7. School closes at 12:30

Friday December 21:

Yeehaaa, holidays begin.

A few photos from the last week or two...

Debate practice run.

One of our three teams in action on Monday night. Over the two nights of debating, our teams won four debates and lost two. We were very proud of all of them.

We love Thursday afternoons!

Saturday 24 November 2018

Kauri Team Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 6

Just a few quick messages this week.

We need your waste!

Over the weekend, if you are visiting a takeaway food outlet, can you please put aside any packaging, cups etc and send these to school on Tuesday. Chip packets and other plastic throw-aways would also be appreciated. We need this waste for our production props.

No school Monday:

A reminder that we are having a staff only day on Monday.

Canteen closed at South on Tuesday:

Please pack morning tea for Tuesday, not money, as the canteen at South will be closed this week.

Production dates:

A reminder about our production dates, Monday, Dec 10th and Wednesday, Dec 12th. We need all children at both shows. Start time is 7pm and we should be all done by 7:40pm.

Painting progress:

We have been making the most of the fine weather to work on our mural...

Mandy, our local park ranger, joined us on Thursday.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 5

Week 5 already! Yes, we are halfway through the term. We have been involved in a flurry of events lately, which you can read about below. We are looking forward to settling back into a normal daily routine again next week.

We need your trash!

Our production props team have been very busy with their construction and creativity lately. We urgently need some non-recyclable waste for our 'junk bonfire': chip packets, chocolate wrappers, old shoes, computer pieces, broken toys etc. There is a collection box in our hub. We would love it if everyone could bring something in tomorrow.

Mural Progress

You may have noticed that painting has begun on the back of the toilet block at Beckenham ponds. Research and planning have gone smoothly, under Ira's guidance. The Christchurch City Council has approved our application for a community grant to cover the paint costs. We are all very excited to be up to the painting stage.


Since the start of term, our debating teams have been researching and writing to prepare for their competition against St Martins School. The first round of debates took place on Monday. The topic: Social media's ability to replace the need for face to face communication is of great benefit to society. Three debates took place and were judged by senior students from Cashmere High School's debating club. Our teams won all three debates! The feedback given praised our teams' structure and rebuttal. Now it is back to unpacking, researching and writing for the next round which will take place early in December. The topic: There is never an excuse or reason good enough to declare war.

Summer Tournament

Last Wednesday, children from Kauri participated in the Summer Tournament at Hagley Park and Wilding Tennis Centre. For some, the day was a lesson in perseverance, especially the tennis players, who were up against some very polished players. For others, it was about giving a new sport a go. Many thanks to the parents who managed a team for the day and/or transported children. Congratulations to the orienteering team who came second in both the rogaine and the orienteering.

Zone Athletics

Monday was our Zone Athletics event at Hansen Park. Zone level competition is always a big step up from our school level event and our tamariki rose to the challenge. Congratulations to all the competitors. I am yet to receive finalised results and will pass these on once I have them. The top two from each event now go on to Canterburys on the 5th of December, held at the new stadium, Ngā Puna Wai.

Top Team

On Tuesday we had a glorious afternoon participating in a range of fun team initiatives with Top Team. The children were purposefully put into groups that differ from their usual social circles and it was great to see them ‘Get there together’ and embrace the varying challenges. The water initiatives proved very popular! Thank you to the parents who ran stations.

Monday 12 November 2018

Top Team tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that all children need a change of clothes (shorts and T-shirt) that are suitable for getting wet tomorrow. A towel, sunscreen and sunhat are also required. If you are helping, we look forward to seeing you at 1:15 in the park. 

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 4

We had a fabulous day in town on Monday. It was so good to be able to contribute to a practical action, which will benefit our community. We continue to be all action in the Intermediate Hub. Read on for important messages.

Summer Tournament Tomorrow

There are 37 children competing in a day-long tournament at Hagley Park and Wilding Park tomorrow. It is essential that every child going to the tournament has a sun hat and water bottle with them tomorrow, as well as their lunch, snacks and sports uniform. Tomorrow is forecast to be very hot and so any child without their sun hat or water bottle will need to stay at school. We are meeting in the hub at 8.15 for a gear check and then boarding the buses at 8.30. Tennis players may arrive at school at 8.30 as we are traveling by car to Wilding Park and have a later meet time. 

Top Team

Next Tuesday afternoon we have our Top Team event. Children need to bring a change of clothes: shorts and a t-shirt. They will get wet. If it is a cooler day, a polypro is a great idea.  Wearing togs, with a rash top, works really well. Children should also pack a towel. At the moment we have 8 confirmed helpers and we need 9. Confirmed are: Mary, Leigh, Kate, Nicola, Anne, Tim, Jack and Ellie. We need one more. Rory, Philippa and Peter were down as maybes. Can you please confirm if you can come.

Canterbury Triathlon

If you have a child who can swim, bike and run, has great endurance and loves a challenge, they may like to enter the Canterbury Triathlon.  Click here for more information and to sign up.

Long Jump

If the weather is cooperative, a group of our students will be walking to Hillview to compete in long jump on Friday afternoon. We need two parents to walk with this group. Please email Jenny if you are able to help.

Zone Athletics

Next Monday is Zone athletics at Hansen Park. The 30 children heading to zones will meet at school at 8.30 for a gear check and then catch the bus to Hansen Park. Sun hats and water bottles are again essential items. The day can be long and so a book, sketch pad, travel game or similar is recommended to help pass the time between events. Balls of any kind are not permitted. If you are able to help supervise children during the day, (even if it is just for part of the day), please email Jenny.

We made a difference!

Many thanks to Simon, Peter and Anne for accompanying us on our trip to Ōtākaro Orchard, Tūranga and Margaret Mahy playground on Monday. The day was a huge success. 'I never knew a library could be so much fun!' was the quote of the morning. The competition for the longest root system was a great way to keep the troops motivated while weeding at the orchard. Peter was very thankful for our 90 children who spent a total of 2 hours weeding. They made quite an impact. We were the first school group to work at the orchard in this way.

Longest weed winners in the afternoon.

An orchard for our city in the heart of Christchurch.

Impressive root systems were uncovered.