Tuesday 30 March 2021

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 9

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  • Cheese roll explosion!
  • Learning Conferences
  • House Games Thursday

Cheese Rolls

I have learned to be careful what to ask for! This time last week I was pushing for more cheese roll orders, so that we could have at least 300 dozen to make. When orders closed on Sunday, we reached 730 dozen! We would love to have another few parent helpers to work along-side our enthusiastic student team next Thursday. We are also in need of a couple of electric knives and some more jam-sized pots. We hope to get all the orders made on Thursday, but may need to keep going on Friday.  Please complete this form if you can help.  

Learning Conferences

Thanks to those who have already booked learning conferences in the final week of term. If you have yet to do so please go onto the School Interviews website and use the code kk64k to book your learning conference. Remember to allow 30 minutes for your conference in Year 7 & 8.

House Games on Thursday

We are looking forward to seeing our Year 7 & 8s stepping up as leaders in the first House Games for the year this Thursday. Children are encouraged to wear their house top on Thursday.

Thursday 25 March 2021

Friday Mufti Fundraiser and Last Call for Cheese Rolls

A reminder from our student council:

Tomorrow is Lots of Socks and Purple Day. You can choose to wear purple, mismatched socks, or both!  

Wearing purple will be raising awareness for people with Epilepsy and letting them know that they are not alone. Wearing mismatched socks will be raising awareness for people with Down Syndrome. So please join us by doing your part and bring a gold coin donation so we can support these organisations together.

Cheese Rolls:

Many thanks to everyone who has put in an order for cheese rolls. You still have time to place your order, as the form will close on Sunday evening. Please click here to order your tasty treats. Thanks for supporting Year 7 & 8 camp fundraising. Your cheese rolls will be made on the Thursday after Easter.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 8

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  • Technology on Tuesdays
  • Cheese Rolls
  • 'Positive behaviour for learning' focus this week
  • ShowQuest, save the date Monday May 17th
  • Photo Gallery


It has been great to see the children so organised for technology on Tuesdays by arriving at school by 8:30. Occasionally parents are dropping children directly to South Intermediate. The team at South have requested that our children all arrive together on the bus. We realise a small group needs to be dropped off after a band session. All children who do not arrive with the main group on the bus must check-in at the South office when they arrive. 

Cheese Rolls

Please keep those cheese roll orders coming in. We are up to 157 dozen and would love to hit at least 300 dozen. I have extended the due date for orders to this Sunday. We appreciate those of you who have made the extra effort by contacting people beyond your immediate family to gather orders. My fingers are crossed that there are still a few big orders to come in. 

Many thanks to those who have offered to help with this fundraiser. We are still in need of support, especially for the morning session on our making day, Thursday April 8th, ordering supplies and loaning equipment - chopping boards and electric knives. Please fill in this form if you can help.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Every week we spend four short discussion-based sessions with the children on PB4L. What we focus on reflects the needs we identify within the group. We thought it would be helpful for you to be aware of what we are talking about so that you can back the messages up at home. Getting there together does make a big difference! 

This week we have explored:

  • What happens when others make a joke about something you feel insecure about? We unpacked vulnerability and shared some insecurities.
  • Apologising and what makes a meaningful and sincere apology. A genuine apology includes a change in behaviour alongside the words "I'm sorry."


Our ShowQuest Passion group have been working hard to conceptualise and choreograph a dance for our hub to learn and perform at ShowQuest. ShowQuest is a stage performance competition for primary and secondary schools. You may know it by the name Stage Challenge or J-Rock. ShowQuest is a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience the performing arts. On the 17th of May, we will spend the day at the Town Hall. We will have time to rehearse our dance on the stage, opportunities to watch other school’s rehearse and prepare for our evening performance. 

We understand that for some children the idea of performing on stage can seem like something that is well outside of their comfort zone. We know also that there will be others who will be in their element on stage. We choreograph a range of parts in our performance to cater to different confidence levels. The children watched the Passion Group perform the different dances on Monday and now have the opportunity to identify their preferences. 

Our performance for 2021 is based on our inquiry concept of change. The children came up with the idea of exploring how dance has changed over time and so have created their own evolution of dance. This will take the audience from the flapper dance of the 20s, the disco fever of the 70’s, the flamboyance of the 80s, through to the modern-day. Our inquiry learning will sit alongside this with the children learning about key events, inventions and pop culture from these decades. 

Costume, hair and make will work with the choreography conveying the style of the decade. We would love to start collecting iconic items to help with this. If you have any of the following that might fit one of our tamarki and you are happy for use to borrow and use in our performance then, please let us know. 
  • Flared trousers

  • Hoop skirts

  • Leg warmers

  • Fluro leotards

  • Other iconic clothing from any of the featured decades

Photo Gallery

One of our PE options this term is ultimate frisbee. One aspect of this game that is particularly empowering is the self-refereeing by the teams as they play.

Love this image that was taken in our passion photography session last week, when we were learning about how to take action shots.

A small group of our seniors are helping with miniball this term. We have heard wonderful feedback about their positive leadership.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Cheese Rolls Fundraiser

 Year 7 & 8 are making and selling delicious cheese rolls to help fund our amazing camp at Wainui. Please click here for details and to order your rolls.  If you would prefer to order in a paper form, these are available at the school office. 

This form must be submitted or the paper form completed and handed into the Beckenham School office, by Friday the 26th of March. Orders will be made up on April 8th and will be ready for collection after school. We care for our environment and would love it if you could provide your own container. Please clearly name it and drop it off into the collection box outside the hall from March 29th. 

Many thanks for your support.

Sunday 14 March 2021

Kauri Whānau: Cheese Roll Fundraiser

 The order form for cheese rolls is now fixed. Please click here to order your cheese rolls. A paper form is coming home this week, if you would like to use this instead.

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 7

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  • Cheese rolls fundraiser
  • School-Based Vaccination Programme
  • Science fun
  • Passion Friday
Good luck to our zone swimming competitors who are racing at Jellie Park on Thursday.

Cheese Rolls

We are underway with our first fundraiser to help fund the fabulous week we experienced in Wainui. All the details about our cheese roll fundraiser are on this order form. We would love it if you could collect orders beyond your family. These tasty treats usually sell very easily, so please ask your work colleagues, extended family, friends and neighbours if they would like some. We will also send home a paper order form with space to collect multiple orders on the back if that works better for your family. 

If you can help with providing equipment or a little time, please complete this form.

School-Based Vaccination Programme (SBVP)

Earlier this term Year 8 children brought home a pack about the School Based Vaccination Programme (SBVP). If you are yet to return your form, please get this in on Monday.

Science Fun

On Thursday last week, each home-group enjoyed a session at the Science Roadshow. We learnt about the molecular structure of carbon, including constructing a clever model, and were wowed by the science of forces. 

Passions on Friday

A highlight of each week in the Kauri Hub is Friday afternoon's when we have our 'passion' time. It is fabulous having Lara as part of our passion teaching team this term. If you have a particular passion that you would like to share with a small group of children on a Friday afternoon next term, please email us. The children gain so much from small group experiences with a knowledgeable person. 

Testing 'blood' samples.

Making ice-cream.

Being a leader. 

Sunday 7 March 2021

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 6

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  • Triathlon sign-up
  • Science
  • Camp


    If your child is keen for a physical challenge, the Canterbury Triathlon might be of interest. Click here for details and sign up.


    On Thursday this coming week, we have a Science Roadshow from Canterbury University visiting us at school. Each class will get an hour-long session of science. Our timetable and break times will be altered that day.

    Wainui Wrap-up

    No doubt your child came home on Friday full of stories from our fabulous week away. What a time we had! This camp was made all the more special by the amazing group of parent helpers who worked tirelessly for five days, creating nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, helping out at activities and supporting the children. We are currently gathering photos together and plan to create a camp photo-book that you can purchase as a memory of our week away. We have a collection of lost property and a number of chilly-bins to collect at school. Below is a small selection of camp pics.