Tuesday 27 June 2017

Kauri Whanau: Term 2 Week 9

The end of term is in sight, however we are still full steam ahead in the Year 7 & 8 hub.

Cheese Rolls:

Orders have closed and we now have 300 dozen cheese rolls to make and package over two separate days. This will be a great learning experience for the children. They will be working in 45 minute shifts, with classroom learning and PE happening in their off shifts. Our first making day is this Thursday and the second is next Wednesday. It would be helpful if the children could bring an apron on these days, if they have one. We are also in need of used supermarket bags to help with the distribution of orders. Please send what you can spare along to school tomorrow. If you have volunteered to help, could you please arrive at Champion Street by 8:45am, with your apron and a set of measuring spoons.


We are expecting all Year 7 & 8 children to be at our Yr 5-8 Showcase evening on Thursday July 6th, starting at 7pm in the Hillview gym on Wilsons Rd. This will be a chance for us to share our J-Rock performance. The choir, some of the band and Te Whanau Mahi Tahi will also perform. This will also be an opportunity to present citizen of the week certificates, Gold leadership awards and a very special leadership award. We need a team of adults to help set up and put away carpet tiles and seats. If you are able to help with this, please click this link to fill in the quick form.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Last chance to order cheese rolls.

Cheese roll orders close at the end of tomorrow, Thursday. Many thanks to the 76 families who have ordered. If you still intend to do so, please click on this link before 8pm on Thursday. Profits from this week's orders are all going towards the development of our outdoor spaces.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Kauri Whanau: Term 2 Week 8 Update

Life in the Kauri Whanau is getting busier as we head towards the end of term 2. Please check below for important messages and celebrations.


The choir are sounding fabulous and we are looking forward to their performances tonight and tomorrow night, at Hillview gym. Please make sure your child is dropped off at Hillview by 6:30 both evenings. The performance starts at 7pm. Collection is at 8:30pm. Tickets are still available from the school office.

Cheese Rolls:

There are just two days left to get your cheese roll orders in; click the link to order. If you have ordered, please make sure you have paid by this Thursday. Many thanks to the parents who have offered to help with this fundraiser. So far we have help from:

  • Thursday June 29: Tamsin, Nicola, Kim
  • Wednesday July 5: Melisa, Amanda, Sonja, Richelle

To all the people who have offered equipment, we are very grateful and would like everything you have offered. Please make sure this is sent to school by the middle of next week. We will send out reminder emails. If you are able to help and have yet to let us know, please fill in this form.

Art Week:

Last week we enjoyed exploring our creative sides, as we learnt about and developed our artistic skills. The children chose either cartooning, mixed media or drawing lego self-portraits. We're already looking forward to our next art week later in the year.

Self Defence:

Yesterday afternoon when I stepped out of our hub, I could hear a very loud and forceful cry of "Back off!" It was our Year 8 girls embracing empowerment during their first self defence session. They loved it! Over the next 3 weeks the girls will spend at least five hours learning about self defence.


Since J-Rock, we have been exploring the concept of diversity. This week the children will begin an inquiry, that will eventually result in the creation of either a poster, presentation, song or video, with the purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of others. The children will chose to focus on either disability, gender or cultural diversity.


We are just over two weeks away from our showcase evening, on Thursday July 6th. All children will be involved in the showcase, which will be held at the Hillview School gym, starting at 7pm. We will be having a rehearsal on Monday morning, July 3rd. On that Monday we will walk to Hillview from Beckenham.

Being aware of actions on social media:

Last week we were having a hub discussion around social media and our digital footprint. We talked about 'liking' posts and being aware that you have carefully read what you are 'liking' and are happy for others to know that you support the ideas in the post. It became apparent that many children scroll and 'like' without reading the text that they are 'liking'. When the text was brought to their attention, they were dismayed that they had 'liked' without looking deeper. This would be a great discussion to have at home. Liking something means that you support what the post is saying. Make sure you know what it says before you like it.

J-Rock Photos

If you would like to view and download the professional photos taken on stage during J-Rock, please click this link. We have paid for this photo package, so the images are free of charge for you. If you have trouble accessing these images, please let me know.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Last week for cheese roll orders

Orders for cheese rolls close this coming Thursday, June 22. Many thanks to those who have already ordered your cheesy snacks. With the orders we have received so far, we have covered our J-Rock fundraising and all remaining proceeds will go towards the outdoor spaces at school. Year 1- 4 classes will receive their cheese rolls on Thursday of week 9 (June 29) and Year 5 - 8 on Wednesday of week 10 (July 5).

Please go to this link to order your cheese rolls.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Kauri Whanau: Term 2 Week 7 Update

What are we up to in the Intermediate Hub?

Since the start of this term we have been exploring diversity through lots of rich discussion, videos and a guest speaker. Next week we will introduce the children to their inquiry options. The children will select an aspect of diversity: cultural, gender or disability, to focus their inquiry on.

In the meantime, we are having a focus on visual art this week. The children have opted for one of the following: mixed media mini canvas, cartoon drawing or lego based portraits. We are looking forward to seeing what they produce by the end of Thursday.

We finished our hockey unit with a festival last Wednesday. From tomorrow we will be focusing on football skills, every Wednesday for 45 mins.

Last week we started writing stories based on a world record attempt. We will come back to these next week. Some children will need to spend time at home working on these this week.

Year 8 girls will be starting self defence classes with Lynda Maindonald from Self Defence NZ next Monday afternoon. They will have 5 sessions. We have worked with Lynda for several years now and the girls in the past have found these sessions very empowering, and fun.


Tomorrow, the choir meet by the ponds at 8:30. From there they will walk to Hillview for a massed choir rehearsal. This will happen again next Tuesday morning. Both mornings, they will be back at Champion Street by 11:45. Booking forms for tickets to see the choir perform next Tuesday and Wednesday evening need to be returned to the office by this Friday. Jarred has spare copies if needed.

Cheese Rolls:

Our Passion Friday cheese roll business group, EeezyCheezyInc, have been very busy planning, testing, designing and organising systems. Order forms went on-line in the weekend and paper forms went home today. We will be having two cheese roll making days. The first will be on Thursday June 29th, for Year 1-4 orders. The second will be on Wednesday July 5th for Year 5-8 orders. We would appreciate as much parent help as possible on these days. Please fill in this form if are able to help at some stage.


From Rangi Ruru:

Personalising Your Daughter’s Learning  is for parents wanting to know more about our individual plans for each Rangi student, our approach to the curriculum, learning support and extension, and our GATE programme.
Thursday,  15 June   5.30pm - 7.00pm                                                     
To register interest  http://bit.ly/InsightIntoRangi

An awesome family outing:

From the Christchurch Maths Association: We warmly invite you to discover the maths behind craft and the craft behind maths at Christchurch’s first Maths Craft Day, Sunday June 18 in The Great Hall at The Arts Centre. Our all-day event is free, and suitable for adults and children alike, and we would love to see you there. The Christchurch Maths Craft Day will feature seven craft creation stations as well as public talks by mathematician crafters, and the day-long celebration of maths promises to engage people of all ages. Make a Möbius strip, crochet a hyperbolic plane, build a fractal sculpture, fold an origami octahedron, and listen to talks about the connections between maths and crafts. Explore the newly opened Teece Museum at the Arts Centre and discover the ancient relationship between mathematics and craftsmanship. Open to everyone: experts and amateurs, maths-fans and maths-phobes, the crafty and the curious.

Sunday 11 June 2017

Beckenham Cheese Roll Fundraiser

An enthusiastic team of Year 7 & 8 children have been busy setting up a small business: EezyCheezyInc. They have tested cheese roll recipes, sought feedback, sourced ingredients, created ordering and advertising material and are ready to launch their business. Advertising will go on-line and on display this week, and paper order forms will go home.

The first $600 they make will go towards our J-Rock expenses. All the rest will go towards the outdoor spaces fundraising project. If you would like to order your cheese rolls on-line, please click this link. 

Many thanks for your support.