Sunday 19 February 2012

Week 4 Update

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Well done to those who got their home learning in on time. I've read and viewed many great ideas on how we can lead change in our lives. The second home learning assignment has now been posted, get busy putting first things first. Two weeks is plenty of time to complete assignments, make sure you get yours in on time.

This Wednesday we are taking part in a special earthquake memorial event at school. If you can, bring along a flower to drop in the river as part of this event. Parents and neighbours are welcome to join us; we'll be gathering on the school field at 12:45.

All classes have been discussing the first habit of highly effective people: BE PROACTIVE. We are all working on being less reactive. Hit the 'pause' button, stop and think, then hit 'play' and act proactively. Talking about proactive responses at home will help to reinforce this very important habit.

Leadership roles have now all been finalised. Training for various roles is underway. Leap in and make the most of your leadership opportunities. It's been great to see the enthusiasm so far, keep it going.

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