Friday 8 February 2013

Week 3 Update

Passion Friday got underway today. The Enviro-Busters checked out the school gardens and dreamt of what could be, Around the World shared their personal travel experiences and explored their NZ mapping knowledge, Drama Workshop ... I'm not sure, but it was bound to be creative and full of laughs(!) and ICT Workshop became members of Edmodo, learnt about Sweet Home via video tutorials and designed homes of the future.

ICT Workshop designing houses using 'sweet home' software.

Library: As our school library builds it's resources up we are going to visit the Christchurch South Library once a fortnight. In our first visit a librarian will talk with the children about what their service offers, then the children will be able to browse and borrow books. Children need to remember to bring their library cards to school on Wednesdays. This week (Feb 13) rooms 18 and 19 will visit and next week will be the turn of rooms 16 and 17 (Feb 20).

If your child is not a member of the library, you can join them up at your nearest library. The library in our school community is South Library on Colombo Street and the opening hours are 9am-7pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays. You can locate your nearest library at To join up your child, you will need to take two forms of identification with you and a letter you have received within the last month, for example, a bank statement or power bill. If you have any questions before you go, you can phone 941-7923.

Our maths interchange classes are underway for the year. We will be observing the children closely over the next week and expect there will be some reshuffling by week 4, to ensure children's needs are being well targeted.

Life Education visits start for our team this week. The focus is 'WOF', looking at nutrients in foods and how they help the body, 'energy in - energy out' and body image. This ties in nicely with our 'Sharpen the Saw' theme for the term which most classes are about to launch into.

Technology is underway, check out the tab above for a message from South Intermediate.

Leadership positions were announced today, Friday. We were impressed by the number of positions children applied for. Most children got 2 or 3 positions, a few got 4. There will also be points given for choir, te whanau and band. Every term there will be bonus jobs that children can do to earn extra points.

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Sandy Hastings, Principal, Beckenham School said...

Great job leading PRIDE Assembly today, Year 7/8 team. Looking forward to seeing you all step up in your new leadership roles from next week.