Thursday 29 May 2014

Week 4 update

Many thanks to those of you who came along to the Cashmere High talk at school on Tuesday night.

We've had another fabulous week in the Intermediate Hub, here's a snapshot of some highlights...

One of the Family. On Monday afternoon we were treated to an inspiring talk from Norm Hewitt and the SPCA. Norm left us thinking about how we can make the best of our lives and the impact that caring for animals can have on how we take care of each other.
'It was AWESOME!!'

Exploring Matter in Science: On Tuesday we continued our learning journey about matter. We conducted a series of tests on 'Monster Muck' to determine if it was a liquid or a solid.

Writers' Workshop: On Wednesday and Thursday 11 of our talented writers worked with a Rachel Douglass from Canterbury School for Young Writers. They have created an interesting tale about all the goings on at a movie theatre, with lots of interweaving of characters. The children were highly engaged.You can read their work by clicking on the 'Our Learning' tab above.

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