Saturday 7 March 2015

What an amazing week!

We have had a fabulous leadership week. It kicked off with our Year 7 Leadership Day on Monday. The children had loads of fun learning more about how to make great friends with Christian from This was followed by sessions learning about some of the '7 habits of highly effective people' in a very hands-on way. On Tuesday afternoon we all learnt about the 7th habit, 'sharpen the saw'. This included activities ranging from visualisation to mind games. The Year 7s spent Thursday in junior classes, running activities with children and helping them with their learning. We have had so much positive feedback about how organised, engaging and responsible they were. Brilliant work Year 7!

The Year 8s spent Wednesday and Thursday on leadership camp. On Wednesday afternoon they worked in small groups to complete initiative challenges. So many children stood out with their creative thinking and leadership skills. Dave and Lizzie spoke to us about the secrets to their success as world class buskers. We has a blast playing swimming and playing spotlight in the evening. After a series of team challenges at Spencer Park on Thursday morning we sat down and reflected on the ways we had used the 7 habits over the two days. Listening the the children speak, with confidence and enthusiasm, it was clear they had gained a great understanding of the value of the habits.

And then it was Friday. The heavens opened and the rain came down, but that did little to dampen our spirits at te Matatini. We experienced so much: amazingly powerful performances, educating experiences, loads of free stuff (!!) and so much fun on inflatable and bouncy stuff.

Phew, what a huge week!

Year 8 Leadership Camp

Year 7 leaders in junior classes.

Te Matatini

No photos of performances sorry, we weren't able to take any.

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