Friday 21 August 2015

Big week for Kauri Whanau

What a week we have had!
Monday was a pretty standard day.
Tuesday saw our korfball team competing in the Christchurch Korfball Competition. They blew us away with their skill, drive and determination. Having beaten every team in their pool, they made it to the final, where they met Heaton's Year 8 team, the reigning champions. The final score was 7:4 to Heaton. Those of us back at school were with them every step of the way, as Jarred sent texts and calls. It was a pretty exciting day for all of us.
Wednesday saw excitement build in anticipation of a day on the slopes. The big event was after school with the Cantamath Competition. Our teams both started well in the problem solving competition, then got stuck on a question or two. The biggest lesson of the day was knowing when to pass on a question! We had much success in the project part of the competition. Congratulations to Angus, Pippa, Ella, Maddy, Ashleigh, Kara, Bodie and the N2 maths class for their Excellence awards. Well done to Daniel, Emma, Dom, Olly and the N1 maths class for their Highly Commended awards.
Thursday was such a fabulous day up Mt Hutt. When we talked about the highlights the following day, one child talked about how great it was the way everyone supported and helped each other. He was absolutely right. So many goals were set and surpassed. We all left the mountain on a high!
On Friday we looked back over an awesome week. A week when we showed how much we love learning, how much we love challenge and how well we care for each other.

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