Thursday 19 November 2015

Week 6 update

Congratulations to Jarred who received his teacher registration at a special ceremony on Monday. Jarred spoke on behalf of the registering teacher group, with meaningful words and lots of laughs. We were very proud.

Last Wednesday we were wowed by the awesome talent of our athletes at zone sports.

We will be exploring our poetic sides in writing over the next three weeks. This got underway on Monday, as we quickly wrote poems about chocolate bars and got others to guess the bar we were describing.

Layers of sand twisted through the golden sea
Decorated with brown bird wings.
A desert delicacy
A swirl of sweet
A glowing sun behind the dunes.

Ashleigh, Tate and Kimberly

A chiseled masterpiece
Smooth and elegant
A layer of crunch and
A topping of gold
A scrumptious snack
An essence of sweet
A log of taste
Strong and stumpy
A bite of heaven.

Gen and Abby

Sweet and sugary
Melts in your mouth
Chocolate coating
Filling from the beehive
Golden treasure treat.

Charlotte and Zoe

A priceless shiny sheet sharing a secret with you.
Beware the traces of nuts and wheat
To contain the swelling of your feet.
A fresh snack to lighten the breath
Although crunchy like a honeycombed bliss.
The colour of the starless sky
Foreboding with no reason why.
A name of a maker scrawled in delicate font,
Intertwining the secrets within.
A rich delight tainting the tip of your tongue,
A small little leaf turns into a smile.


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