Friday 19 February 2016

Intermediate Hub Update: Feb 19

What a fabulous leadership week we have had, with so many highlights. We hope your child has come home with many experiences to share. We are hearing great things about the Year 7s being leaders in Year 1- 4 classes today. The Year 8s have applied the habits and leadership traits we have been talking about, in a range of ways over the past two days. Many of them have taken great leaps in confidence as they worked together in groups to achieve goals.

On Wednesday the Year 8s watched and discussed a TED talk about redefining leadership. We learnt all about 'lollipop moments'. You may want to view this talk so that you can reinforce the message at home.

As part of our exploration of synergy, we looked at the flight formation of migrating geese, with both Year 7 and Year 8. Here is a link to a slideshow that we unpacked with the children. Again, this would be something good to discuss and reinforce at home.

Social Studies
On Monday and Wednesday next week we will be launching into our study of refugees by watching and discussing the movie 'The Good Lie'. This is a PG movie. Check this review from Common Sense Media.

Remembering February 22nd
You are most welcome to join us on the park on Monday, from 12:30, as we stop to remember Feb 22nd 2011.

A big thanks to Simon, Rod, Elise, Mike and Gloria, parents and grandparents who contributed their time and skills to our leadership week.

Looking back on the week...

James teaches us about leadership in a very amusing way.

Year 7s synergise to draw a smiley face.
Using individual strengths to create a water container.

Supporting each other to scale the climbing frame.


The flying fox challenge.

Discussing strategies.

'Seek first to understand and then be understood.'

Year 8s 'unlock the grid' using non-verbal communication and teamwork.

More strategising

Aaron shares great ideas about goal setting.

'Sharpening the Saw'

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