Thursday 7 April 2016

Camp is nearly done.

Just when we thought the days couldn't get any better, they did.

We spent this morning at Carisbrook School, in friendly competition and creative expression. Firstly the competition. The basketball was fiercely fought and deservedly won by Carisbrook. Next up was touch, where Beckenham dominated. The decider was the softball, and yes we were victorious. The trophy will be coming back with us to Christchurch. Carisbrook were fabulous hosts and it was awesome seeing the children interact so positively with each other. The real bonus of the morning was the Brophy Ariel Silks programme which is running at Carisbrook.  Jenny very kindly offered to run a session for our children (and some adults) and they absolutely loved it! The morning wrapped up with a delicious lunch provided by Carisbrook.

Waving enthusiastic thanks to the children and staff at Carisbrook, we climbed aboard our buses and headed into town. Our next destination was the long awaited Cadbury's visit, which lived up to everyone's expectations. With chocolate lining our tummies, we went on to explore the beautiful railway station and sports museum. Our final visit was to the Otago Early Settler's Museum. By this stage, we were all pretty bushed, but the interactive nature of the museum had everyone buzzing again. It has been a lovely evening here in Dunedin, so we headed off back to the beach for some more fun in the sandhills to wrap up the afternoon. Yet again, our wonderful parents put on a fabulous spread for dinner, then we settled down to be entertained at our camp concert. We laughed, we wowed and some of us even cried; what a talented bunch we have in Te Whānau Kauri!

That's it, we are nearly done. What an awesome week it has been. A huge thanks to all our fabulous parents. We have loved spending the week with you and have hugely appreciated the contribution you have made, especially in the catering dept. Tomorrow we head to Oamaru to experience the steam punk culture and have fish and chips for lunch. We should be back in Christchurch by 5ish, but will send a more accurate time through to you once we leave Oamaru.
Friendships forged over the chessboard.

Giving our all on the basketball court.

Victorious in the touch.

Sandy showing us her graceful side.

What flexibility!

Thanks for the delicious lunch Carisbrook!

Admiring the beautiful railway station.

Chocolate filled tummies.

Experiencing life in the 'olden days'.

Leaping for joy in the sand dunes.

Jarred shared his sign language talent with us all. 

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