Tuesday 31 May 2016

Week 5 Update

Science Fair Projects: Over the past four weeks we have been scoping the topic of energy with the children in science. We have looked at different types of energy, how energy can transform from one form to another, renewable and non-renewable energy, and yesterday we had a visit from Eugene, an energy efficiency engineer.

Yesterday we introduced the idea of science fair projects to the children and they started browsing selected websites for ideas on which to base their projects. Please ask your child to show you their science fair document in Google Classroom, which has the outline of the process they will be working through. Here is a youtube clip which explains the process; start it at 2:50. This week their goal is to decide on a topic, a focus question and a hypothesis. It is really important that their questions is specific and something that can be measured and tested through an experiment. We will be looking at this in class on Wednesday or Thursday. Your support with discussion and ideas at home would be very much appreciated. This is an individual project. While we will be working with the children on their projects at school each week, we expect them to be putting in some time at home as well. We will update you each week on where they should be up to.

Writing: This is the final week to work on recount writing. The majority of the children are well underway and we are impressed with the quality of their writing. This writing needs to be finished by Thursday. Please ask your child to show you their writing and encourage them to work on this at home if required, so that they can have this completed on time. Each child will have 60 - 90 minutes of writing time over Wednesday and Thursday.

Sport: During the week, most children have lunchtime sports practices. If these are on the field, they will need to have a spare set of clothing to change into for this practice. Please remind your child to be prepared for this. On Friday when we travel for winter sport, every child must have a drink bottle. If they don't they don't go. Last week we had several children without drink bottles. All children should have water bottles in their buckets, so this shouldn't be an issue. Please check your child is prepared with a drink bottle at school.

Choir: Last week notices were sent home about purchasing tickets for the South Zone Music Festival on June 28th. If you have any queries about this, please contact Jarred. jarred.skelton@beckenham.school.nz

20/40 Hour Famine: It is less that two weeks until the Famine weekend. If your child has signed up for this, please encourage them to keep going with their collecting of sponsors, so that they can make a difference for the refugees in Syria.

Staff Student Netball Match: On Monday the Year 8s challenged to the staff to a game of netball. While the students had speed on their side, the staff had the height advantage. This time the game went to the staff. The students are already plotting their next challenge.

Looking great in our new basketball uniforms. The Beckenham Blazers are a very enthusiastic team, who are improving their game each week.

The Beckenham Ballers have had a great start to their season, with two wins so far.

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