Thursday 13 October 2016

Kauri Update: Term 4 Week 1 / 2

We have swept into term 4, embracing the newness and the challenges with smiles and enthusiasm.

This week...

Life at Champion Street:

Busing to school has quickly become with new norm. No one has missed the bus and behaviour has been pleasing. We are loving the new furniture and the children have quickly adapted to the new environment.


We kicked the week off with a birthday party, or rather three birthday parties, for our writing motivation. The children have planned / or are planning, a piece of descriptive writing with a twist. This writing will be due at the end of week three.

Ready for another piece of chocolate.


This was given out on Monday. Hopefully it is underway at your place.


This term all children need named school sunhats. If your child needs to purchase a new one, they can do this at the school office after school.

Climate Change:

We have started our learning about climate change by viewing and discussing 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Discussion has included talk around the fact that there is more than one opinion about why our climate is changing and this movie presents one of these opinions.

Next week...

Athletic sports:

Our sports day is next Thursday, October 20th. As we will be holding this at Beckenham Park, we won't be going to Champion Street this day. Children will need to be at school by 8:50, not 8:30. Before school, they can play in the park. When the bell rings, Year 5-8 will gather in the hall. Parents are most welcome to come and watch during the day. Tracy will send out a programme next week.

New Zealand Playhouse Performance:

On Monday we will be returning to Beckenham straight after lunch, in time to see the New Zealand Playhouse travelling performance: 'The Fairest Of Them All.'  $4.50 will be added to your account, as a donation for this performance.

Coming soon...

Week 4:  Thursday November 3rd, are will spend the day in town, including an art session at the museum.
               Sexuality Road lessons begin

Week 5: Wednesday November 9th, zone sports at Hansen's Park
               Thursday November 10th, Rapaki Marae visit

Coming later...

'A very Kauri Christmas' performing arts evening, Top Team, Victoria Park walk, day trip to Corsair Bay, first aid training and more. A calendar of Kauri events will come out next week.

Lunchtime on the first day of term.

There she goes...

Congratulations to our newest Gold Leaders.

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