Sunday 25 March 2018

Please read if you ordered cheese rolls.

Firstly, a huge thanks for supporting our Dunedin Camp fundraiser. On Wednesday and Thursday this week we will be making just under 400 dozen cheese rolls!


Thanks to those who have already paid.  If you have yet to pay, please do so by the end of Monday. $8 for one dozen, or $30 for 4 dozen.

  • Online transfer (12-3148-0131641-00, reference cheese rolls)
  • Cash  (Take money into the office at Beckenham in an envelope with child's name on it and place in Eeezy Cheezy Box)
  • Eftpos Payment At School Office
If you have forgotten how many dozen you ordered, please send an email to


We are wanting to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging we use. A sustainable option is to provide your own packaging. If you would like to do this please label your container with: child's name, child's team, number or cheese rolls ordered (by the dozen). We will place a tub for collecting containers outside the school hall foyer on Monday and Tuesday; please drop your labelled container off there, either before or after school.  

For those who don't provide their own container, we will use the same recyclable plastic containers we used last year, placing 2 dozen orders in each container. 


Due to the distribution of orders received, there is a slight change to the pick up days:
  • Wednesday: Koru, Kowhai, Pōhutukawa, Staff
  • Thursday: Kauri
Orders will be delivered to hubs at the end of the day for children to take home. 

Enjoy your cheese rolls, best served toasted with a dob of butter ... yum!

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