Friday 8 February 2019

Kauri Team Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 1

What a wonderful first week back we have had in the Intermediate Hub. We quite liked the rest day midway through the week too! The children have been fabulous, embracing learning and opportunities with a great attitude.

Camp Help, Fundraising, Sport Help:

Please click this link if you are able to help with any of the above.


We have leadership teams sorted and are currently finalising positions within and across teams.  Our aim is to spread opportunities across many, rather than these being given to the few. In that regard school ambassadors this year will not be children who had this role last year, nor will they be house captains or on the student council exec. Our aim is to give all children (who want this) three leadership roles. Some may have more. Every child who has three or more roles has the potential to earn 60 leadership points per term.


Tech starts this Tuesday. Please remind your child to be at school by 8:30am. They may bring some money for the canteen at South. The canteen menu has been shared with them through google classroom.


Language classes also start next week on Monday (Feb 11).

Maths and Writing Clubs:

Maths club gets underway this coming Thursday and writing club on Friday. Both of these clubs start at 8:20am and meet in the Breakout. The maths club is for extension and the writing club is for passionate writers.

Maths Whizz:

One of my jobs this weekend is to get set up for Maths Whizz. The children will be doing the assessment for this programme on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be sending home parent information on this programme soon.


This week the children wrote to their home-group teacher. If their letter is not finished, we will be sending your child an email over the weekend and copying you in. Please encourage them to finish this by Monday.

Below are some photos of our first week back...

Mastering the 'circle sit'.

We welcomed two new babies to our hub yesterday. There have been over 100 name suggestions!

Focused workers on Friday afternoon.

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