Friday 2 August 2019

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 3 Week 2-3

Two weeks down and things are humming along nicely in our intermediate hub. Megan was swamped with hugs and words of welcome when she had her first day back today, following getting sorted after losing her house. It was exciting to see so many children presented with leadership awards in assembly today. A big congratulations to our gold recipients:
Term 2: Lucy, Gemma
Term 3: Ben, Charlotte Grey, Charlie, Ella C, Emily E, Kate, Maddi, Maria, Matilda, Meg, Morvern, Olivia K, Roxy, Ruby, Sophia and Vienna

Meeting Deadlines

One of our key foci in the hub at the moment is completing work within set time-frames. On Monday children will be expected to have calendar art, speech research and static images (for Jenny and Megan's reading groups) completed. If this is not done, children will spend 30 minutes of their own time getting these finished. This will be at the same time as the Ki O rahi trial for Koru Games. If the work is not done, the child will not be able to trial.

Cantamath individual projects should be well underway at home. These are due on Tuesday, August 13th, which is the day after our teacher only day.

Ski Day

We are off on our annual ski day to Mt Hutt on Friday, September 6th. Please click on this link to read more about this trip and fill in the form.


Christchurch South Intermediate has requested that children are not dropped off at technology, rather they catch our bus that leaves Beckenham at 8:30 each Tuesday. If you must drop your child off directly at South, please wait with them until our bus arrives.


We have our annual Becamath competition in the hall on Tuesday, August 6th, afternoon. Children will be working in mixed ability groups to solve maths problems, in an action-packed competition.

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