Saturday 13 June 2020

Kaur Whānau Weekly Update: Term 2 Week 9/10

Just a very brief post today with important messages for the start of next week.

Literacy Presentations

Over the past two weeks, the children have been researching and creating 1-2 min presentations on a topic of their choice.  These will be presented on Monday. Some practise over the weekend would be a great idea.


It felt so good to be underway with sport last week. The walking to local venues worked well and teams enjoyed their first round of competition on Thursday.

Our cross country is this coming Tuesday afternoon. We look forward to all children giving their best effort in this event. Please let your child's homegroup teacher know if they are unable to compete for medical reasons.

Well done to our basketballers for taking on the challenge of a new fast-paced 3 on 3 competition. They had a great first round on Friday.

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