Thursday 15 August 2013

Cantamath Success

What a fabulous afternoon we have had a Cantamath. Congratulations to our problem solving teams for a superb effort in very distracting conditions! Special congratulations to the Year 8 team who scored 65 / 100, finishing in the top 25%.

Our results in the display competition were most impressive. Of the 20 items we sent along, 13 received awards.
Huge congratulations to 'Excellence' winners:
  • Jack Ryan for his origami owl model
  • Nathan Balmer for his fishy tessellation
  • Room 19 for their app icon design on i-phone. They received 2 excellence awards, one for class project and one for theme.
A big well done to the 'Highly Commended':
  • Melanie law for her calculator project and construction
  • Julia Siddall for her origami model
  • Tahlia Ward for her origami model
  • Beth Bennet for her origami sphere model
  • Georgia Grey for her 3D shape model
  • Dom Budgen for his written project of maths and technology in music
  • Flynn Moore for his divisibility rules game
  • Niamh Menzies for her rotation photography project
  • Justine Bennett for her maths in nature photography project
and finally thanks to Sabine Grey for her superb banner, it looked fabulous... (we thought it was the best!)

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