Tuesday 25 February 2014

Awesome Attitude

Today Christain from Attitude.inc came to talk with us about how we can get the most out of life. We had so much fun, laughed so much and came away with some key messages to think about:

  • We are all different and that's a great thing.
  • We need to try new things, to meet people with similar interests and find out what we are really good at.
  • We need to 'Dump dumb thoughts' and believe in ourselves.
  • We need to do the right thing
  • We need to help others ... this is a real win-win, people appreciate it and it makes us feel good.
We are looking forward to spending more time with Christain next week, during workshops as part of the Year 7 Leadership day on Monday and the Year 8 Leadership Camp on Thursday. 

Totally engaged, for a full hour.
Christain was one cool dude!
Boy did we get to laugh.

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