Wednesday 5 March 2014

Week 5 UpdateExploring the differences

It feels like a mixed blessing today with our school closure. It's nice to have the opportunity to catch up on some accumulating work, but on the other hand we are feeling for those battling water entering their homes and we had a great day planned in the Intermediate Hub, never mind...

'Eastern River' made it tricky to get into school today without soggy feet.
Leadership Week got off to a great start on Monday with the Year 7 Leadership Day...

We got some more great advice from Christian.

Exploring the differences between 'being proactive' (like water) and reactive (like coke).

'Putting first things first' allows us to get done what we need to do. This is a bit like packing a suitcase carefully, that way everything will fit in. 

In a 'synergy' simulation we had to make containers to catch water, however after the plane crash, one person was blind and the other had lost use of their arms. Communication was good, but success was mixed.

Problem solving and synergy were required to pass the ball across the circle, through all hands in a set order, in record time.
Tomorrow Year 8 Leadership Camp gets underway. Remember to bring:

  • Your food contribution (if it is not already at school)
  • Something to sleep on and a pillow
  • A change of clothes and your togs
  • A great attitude!
Dunedin Camp forms are due back at school by tomorrow.
School Duathlon entry forms are available at the office, get these filled in and back to school by next week.

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