Thursday 17 April 2014

Fabulous First Term

This week we surveyed the children to get their feedback on term one in Kauri Whanau. On the whole it was extremely positive.   The children are happy, are learning lots and are becoming very good self managers. They thought camp was awesome. We loved this comment...

' ... each day it's a new activity, I really love going to school this year. The term has gone by quickly, it feels like it's only been about a month not four. I'm worried the whole year will go by this quickly, I don't want the fun to end.'

We finished on a high note this afternoon when the children shared their camp projects. We look forward to seeing the movies and powerpoints next term.

As part of Passion Friday, 20 talented artists have created the coolest clocks!

Next term's passions will be: drama, enviro-busters and football. 

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.

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