Wednesday 9 April 2014

Wednesday in Dunedin

Late post tonight, as we have had such a big day. We started out with the 'Baldwin Street Event'; we were out to beat the 1:00 record for running up. Didn't quite break it, but there were many top efforts. Then it was off to town for our circuit of activities; photo challenge around university, talking with the birds at the Botanic Gardens, exploring the museum and getting up close with the butterflies. It was another top day, the kids were brilliant. By 4:30 we piled back into the buses and headed off to Moana Pool to burn off the last shreds of energy. By the time we got back to camp at 7:30 we were famished. The parents did an awesome job of preparing the most delicious nachos. It's now 9:30 and all is quiet except for the manly giggles coming from the adults in the kitchen. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

If you look close, you'll see the cutest penguins making their way up the beach. Was worth the long wait.
Another great birthday.

The most amazingly tidy bunkroom, well done boys!

Any they're off...

Nearly there...

Final burst of energy.

Catching breath at the top.

First, second and third.

Learning to whistle like the birds.

Up close with the butterflies.

Encouraging those lovely blue wings to open up.

Fun in the discovery centre.

Still had energy left to run up and slide down a zillion times.

Funny man entertains after dinner.

Two fabulous kitchen helpers

The butterfly egg...

... which transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Behind the waterfall in the 'tropical forest'.

The Coast getting exuberant at Otago Uni.

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