Friday 21 September 2018

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update; Term 3 Week 9

A big thanks to all the parents who have supported our learning this week. It has been quite a week, with lots of highlights.

Volleyball at Koru Games:

A spark of enthusiasm for volleyball was ignited when we were playing against Carisbrook School in Dunedin at the end of term 1. Our team was well and truly beaten, but really enjoyed the friendly mixed session that followed the game. Jenny kept that enthusiasm going by running a volleyball passion group in term 2. With more skill and experience under their belts, the children were keen for another challenge. That came in the form of the Koru Games, a South Island multi-sport tournament for Year 7 & 8s. We sent two volleyball teams to the three day tournament this week. They had a great time and thrived on the competition. Our B team won four games and lost three, finishing in 10th place. Our A team won 6 and only lost the final, finishing in second place overall! Thanks to Carisbrook for selecting volleyball as one of our tournament games and starting us on this road to success.

'People must act to sustain what is valued'

... is our key conceptual understanding for inquiry this year. We are in the midst of a focus on sustainability around food. This week that took the form of visits to the supermarket to undertake research and the making of re-useable beeswax food wraps.

Next week's programme:

Touch Canterbury will be working with us Monday - Thursday next week to teach and play Turbo Touch. Each group will have a half hour session each day.
On Thursday we will be having a passion day, so that we can complete passion projects that are looking to take more than 90 minutes to wrap up.
Technology will be on Friday next week. This means that Tuesday is a normal start time and on Friday children will need to be at school by 8:30am.
We wrap up the term with the school talent quest on Friday afternoon.

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