Tuesday 26 March 2019

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 8

This week we are underway with training walks for camp and Show Quest dance rehearsals most afternoons. It was great to see how well the children coped with our first walk yesterday. Steady uphill climbing (and the heat) was challenging, and they showed good resilience.

We have an urgent request for parent help on camp. Over the past two days, three people have had to pull out as full-time camp parents due to work commitments. We don't expect, at this late stage, that people will be able to offer to come for a full week, but if you were able to join us for even a day or two, that would really help. It is a 90-minute drive to Wainui from the city. Please fill out this form if you have some availability from April 8 - 12.

Cheese Rolls:

We will be making 400 dozen cheese rolls next Thursday! A huge thanks to everyone who has ordered, especially those families who gathered high numbers of orders by asking friends and family. 100 of these dozen orders came from just 5 families. The children will be the workforce in this production business, but we need about 4 parents and some loan equipment. Please click here to indicate if you can help.

Bingo Night:

We have rescheduled our Comedy Bingo Night to Saturday, May 18th. Please promote this fundraiser among your family and friends. A new ticket order link will be sent out soon.


Have you...

  • Returned your child's (Yr 7) Health Profile Form and those for camp parents?
  • Sent your child's raincoat along to school for checking?
  • Checked through the gear list that was in our last post and was also sent home in paper form last week?
If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions, please follow-up on this ASAP.

Many thanks to those who have offered to prepare a pasta meal for our first evening at camp. We have enough offers. Megan or Hannah will be in touch with you about this soon. Please also remember that we are asking each family to provide some baking for camp.

Camp Cost:

Taking into account the profits from cheese rolls and conservatively anticipating profits from our Bingo Night, we are requesting your contribution of  $170 per child to cover the costs of camp.  This will be added to your next account. This can be paid on a small weekly payment basis if that better suits your family.


Winter sport relies on parent help to go ahead. So far we have no offers of help to take sports teams. Please fill in this form if you can help.
If your child would like to enter the Huxter Mountain Bike Race, please fill in this form and send money to the office by this Thursday.

Showing 'We Care':

Over the past few weeks, we have spent some time talking with groups of children about decisions they make when communicating via social media, out of school time. When poor choices are made, these have substantial repercussions for others. Our key messages are: if you wouldn't be comfortable saying this to them face to face, don't say it online, and do not post images of other people (especially ones that have been modified) without getting the person's approval. If your child is using social media, please reinforce these key messages with them often. Many of our children do not have access to social media. The legal age for a social media account at least 13 years. We totally see why this is necessary, through the dealings we have with our children under 13 who get into hot water through social media communications.

It was lovely to see many of our girls wanting to wear a headscarf last Friday to stand in support with Muslim women. Many thanks to Zeenat who came in and showed the girls how to wear these.

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