Tuesday 28 May 2019

Kauri Whānau: Time to Celebrate!

It has been a week since our ShowQuest performance and we now have some great pictures to share.

We were so so proud of your children and the power of their performance on Tuesday evening. It was a real team effort, from conceptualizing the idea to the final performance, the whole team has been involved - under the wonderful leadership and guidance of Jenny.

The most common reaction to our performance was how emotive it was. Many people have told us how they were moved to tears. The day after our performance we got a lovely email from a Burnside High School parent who was in the audience:

'Last night I attended ShowQuest to watch my daughter perform with another school however I just had to contact you to tell you how absolutely marvelous your school's performance was. It should have won something but regardless I hope the children know that the message was received loud and clear by the audience. So beautifully and thoughtfully and cleverly done. Thank you so very much. Please pass this on. Regards Catherine Woods a Mum of Burnside girl!'

I sent Catherine a thanks message and she replied with ...

'Still thinking about it tonight and I won't be the only one! I hope the performances were all recorded as it would be beautiful if more people could see your message in these times where intolerance is such an issue. What a wonderful advertisement for the values of your school too. Arohanui Catherine!'

We are still waiting for the official video and are thankful to have this one that was taken by Jane, one of our parents.

We would also like to acknowledge Liz, who helped with making the floaty skirts; Kathie, Naska and Steve, who accompanied us on our break at the playground; and Sudama, who prepared us all a delicious meal.

Photos of our performance can be found on the ShowQuest Facebook page. Here is a selection:

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