Thursday 20 June 2019

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 2 Week 8


A huge well done to our choir who performed at the South Music Festival this week. Their love of music was evident in their efforts and radiant faces. Those who sung solos,  sung in the chorus, introduced items and conducted our choir, did so with poise and enthusiasm. We were proud. A special thanks to Megan for leading our choir and sharing her joy for music with the children.

Nail polish, makeup and relationships

Our children are on the cusp of (or midst of) adolescence and teenagehood is just around the corner. This manifests in lots of change, both physical and emotional at Year 7 and 8. We spend lots of time supporting our children to make good choices at this time in their lives.
Talk about 'so-and-so likes so-and-so'  is discouraged at school, as it can lead to teasing and upset children.  Likewise, talk of boyfriends and girlfriends is also discouraged and closely monitored at school. You also may have noticed that at this age, taking care with appearance becomes a bigger focus. We have noticed that the wearing of makeup and nail polish to school is becoming a thing. Today we talked with the children about this not being accepted at school and from tomorrow forward, anyone coming to school with coloured nail polish or makeup on will be given a remover product and asked to take it off. Clear nail polish and non-coloured lip balm (for those with sore lips) are acceptable. We would really appreciate your support with this by checking and reminding your child of the no nail polish or makeup message. Final note, pierced ears are to have simple studs, no dangly earrings.

PJ day Friday

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the shortest day of the year in three ways, thanks to an initiative from the Student Council and the PTA. There will be a free breakfast in the school hall at 8am, children are encouraged to bring a can of food to the hall - which will be donated to a food bank and children can wear their PJs to school. The children can participate in their choice of these activities. A reminder that it is a sports day and so sports uniforms must be packed or worn under PJs. If they choose not to wear PJs, then school uniform is worn.

Ski Day in Term 3: September 6th

Many thanks to those who have signed up to help with our ski trip. We have plenty of offers. I will be in touch with you later about more specific details. At this stage make sure you are available on Friday, September 6th.

We have started fundraising for our ski day by selling cheese rolls at lunchtimes on Monday. These are $2 for three and need to be ordered before school by the flagpole.

Maths-Whizz for the rest of this term

Until the end of term we are working on contextual projects in maths, in preparation for Cantamath. This means we are spending less time on Maths Whizz in class. Time spent on this online learning at home will be important.

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