Wednesday 12 February 2020

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 1 Week 2

We are so impressed with how well our Year 7 & 8s have settled into the new year. Leadership positions have been established and a number of groups are up and running.

Bike raffle for camp

Huge thanks to Liz May, one of our parents, who won a mountain bike and has selected a model / size suitable for Year 5-8 to donate for our camp fundraising. We will be raffling the bike off this term. We would love one parent to volunteer to manage this raffle, with the support of a few senior students to sell tickets before school. Please send me an email if you are happy to take this on. 

Parent help on camp and with fundraising

So far we have 5 parents who care keen to join us on camp. If you would like to come along and have yet to fill in the form, please click on this link.

Kete Blogging

It has been fantastic to see our students starting their kete blogging for the year - we've had quite a few blog posts already and some students are already well on the way to earning a kete badge.

This year, we are trialling making the blogs slightly more public. While the blogs are set as being public, they have also been set so that they do not appear in search engine results (e.g. Google searches) or blogger listings. This will mean that students can email their blog posts to others and parents will be able to more easily see their child's blog. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this further please email Hannah (

Genius Hour 

This week the children have been formulating ideas for their first Genius Hour project. Some are choosing to work independently, while others are working in a collaborative pair. There is a wide range of interesting projects being developed. We strongly recommend asking your child about their project. Next Tuesday afternoon, the children will pitch their ideas to their homeroom teacher.


Please, follow this link to indicate if you are able to help out with sport this term. 

The aim of our sports programme is to provide exposure to a range of different sporting pursuits. This allows the children to develop movement skills and sequences in a range of contexts while broadening their horizons and discovering their passions. There are a range of events throughout the year. Some of these involve all the children and there are many additional optional opportunities for those who want to extend themselves. Children who enjoy the competitive element of sport can strive to qualify for zone and Canterbury level competition through Primary School Sport Canterbury. If your child is not able to compete for any reason, there are a myriad of alternative ways to be involved. Inclusive practise is always at the heart of what we do. If there is anything that we can do to make an event more accessible for your child, please get in contact with Jenny or your child’s homeroom teacher.

For some optional events, children interested in competing should enter using a Google form, which is accessed through Google Classroom. We aim for the children to develop independence in entering events and we acknowledge that some children may need support with this. Conversations at home about upcoming optional events that may be of interest, and checking in to ensure that they have entered events you would expect them to, is advisable. I have attached the link to entry forms for both swimming and duathlon so that you can go through the process together if needed.

Term 1
Swimming Sports Thursday 27th February

This is an optional event, which takes place at Wharenui Pool. Children may enter one distance per stroke and as many different strokes as they wish. For example, they may enter 25m freestyle and 50m backstroke, but may not enter the 25m and 50m backstroke. The children enter this event via a Google form. This form has been made available to them through Google Classroom. Follow this link to get to the entry form. 


Participating in the school duathlon is a fantastic way of showing our school value, ‘We love challenge’. It involves a run around the block, a bike around the park (2 slalom laps for Year 7/8), followed by a second lap of running around the block. The sense of achievement when crossing the finish line makes the hard work worth while. Children need to provide their own bike for this event. Here is the link to the Google form for entries.

Extra-Curricular Sports - Mountain Biking

There are two mountain biking relays that have been very popular in previous years. While these events are promoted by Beckenham te Kura O Pūroto and we are proud for the children to represent our kura, the responsibility of the transport and supervision of children at both events is with the caregiver. Entry for both of these events is done by the caregiver on the event’s website. Follow the link below. Please contact Jenny if you have any questions about either of these events. Email confirmation of your entry to Jenny.

Huxster Mountain Bike Relay - 4th March

Held at Mclean’s Island, this event is a super fun event where children strive to complete as many laps of the course as they can in the time, (1.5 hours for Year 5/6 and 3 hours for Year 7/8). Year 5/6 children must compete in a team of two, while Year 7/8 have the option of doing the event as an individual or in a pair. Children should be confident controlling the speed and direction of their bike on beginner level single track.

Note: This event is much earlier in the term than it previously has been.
Due to its popularity, this event is now being held over two days. Children from Beckenham should enter the South and Mid Canterbury zoned event on the 4th of March.

Hanmer 4 Hour Mountain Bike Relay - 21st March

This event features a variety of options for many age groups. The Super Juniors (6 to 11 years) do a very friendly course through the Heritage Forest. This incorporates a green level single track. Every child must have their own tail end charlie, (an adult riding with them) on every lap. This is a fantastic entry into mountain bike racing for those children who are comfortable controlling their speed and direction on trails similar to those at McLean’s Island and Bottle Lake. Children aged 11 years plus ride the same course as the adults, (and at the same time). This course has more climbing and more technical riding, (think Loess Rider or an easy blue level trail). Children should be confident mountain bikers on easy blue trails. Children compete in a team of up to 4 children.

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