Friday 9 October 2020

Kauri Whanāu: Term 4 Camp Update 1

 We trust you have had an enjoyable two weeks with your children at home. We teachers have had a great break and are busy getting sorted for our upcoming camp in week 2: Oct 19-23


We appreciate everyone sending along some baking to get us through the week at camp. This will be collected on the Monday morning before we jump on the buses.

We are looking for a large number of volunteers to prepare pasta bakes and cottage pies. We are also needing to borrow some chilly-bins. Please click on this link to indicate how you can help out. 

Departure time on Monday

On Monday Oct 19, all children are to arrive at school by 8am. We have food to box up, buses to load and things to check before we hit the road at 8:30.


The allocation of bunk-rooms is always a tricky job. We are confident that the following plan takes into account the children's requests.  

There will be another post next week with more details. We are sharing a presentation with the programme and many other details with the children on Tuesday. This presentation will then be uploaded to google classroom. The children will be able to access this at home and share it with you. 

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