Wednesday 14 October 2020

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 1

 Bumper Issue!

  • Camp
  • Uniform
  • Athletics
  • Cultural Festival
  • Penguin
  • Gear list


Just five sleeps and we will be on our way. Are we excited or are we excited!  Below are final important reminders for Monday:

All gear needs to be well labeled and securely packed. We have spare gear lists in the hub if your child has lost theirs or you can find a digital copy of the gear list at the very bottom of this post. We haven't heard from anyone who needs a waterproof coat - let us know ASAP if your child needs to borrow one.

Children will need a day pack containing; their lunch, drink bottle, entertainment for the bus, waterproof coat, sun hat and warm top.

Please bring baking on Monday and take it to the maker-space. Many thanks to those who have offered to prepare meals. We still need a few more offers, especially for cottage pies. Please click here if you can help. We have had plenty of chilly-bin offers. Hannah will be emailing everyone who has offered to prepare meals or supply chilly bins with further information tonight.

Any medication needs to be in a labeled bag with name and dosage/frequency. This is to be handed in to your child’s home-group teacher on arrival to school on Monday.

Electronic devices on camp are just for use on the trip there and back. Devices will be collected in for the duration of camp. Individuals will be able to use phones to call home in the evenings if they really need to. On the bus, there is to be no messaging or posting to social media. The device is simply for playing games, listening to music etc. Please also remind them to name and pack their charger.

Teachers will have cellphones on us at all times. If you need to make contact call Nicky on 0276229403.

We will send camp news and photos when we can so you can have a peek at what we are doing.

Children need to be at school by 8:00 on Monday. They take their bags to the buses on Sandwich Rd, and it doesn't matter which bus gear goes on. They keep their day packs with them. They take baking and meals to the maker-space and then go straight to their homegroup meeting place.

We plan to get back between 5 and 5:30 on Friday. Keep an eye on your emails for a more accurate arrival time on Friday.

Most days the children will have a packed lunch. We would like them to bring a lunchbox, wax wraps if they have them, or a zip lock bag, etc to keep a roll or wrap in. We will have glad-wrap as a backup for children who need it. It is really important that everyone has a named drink bottle.

While we would prefer not to have additional sugar on camp, we understand that some children would like to bring sweets to camp. If you decide to send sweets to camp the children will be able to consume these in their bunkroom. If they bring more than a 200-250gm bag, these will be taken off them and given back to them at the end of camp. Remember that we will also have home baking every day and that we don't get to sleep until your children are asleep - excessive sugar can prevent that. No gum!!  

Below is the slideshow we have been going through with the children this week. It provides a good overview of our camp.

Wearing correct uniform

Hoodies are not part of our school uniform. Children should be wearing school jackets. We understand that for Year 8s, replacing a missing jacket at this stage is out of the question. If this is the case for your child, please let us know. A plain red or black sweatshirt / jacket will be fine, however if they have a school jacket - this is what they need to wear. Please email your child's teacher if they need to be wearing a non-school red or black jacket.

This is the term of the sunhat. Please make sure your child has a named wide-brimmed sunhat at school each day. 

Athletics Day

Whole Kura Athletics Day - Friday 30th October

Postponement Date: Tuesday 3rd November

This event will go ahead as planned if we are at Alert Level 1. If we are at Alert Level 2, Years 5 - 8 will compete without spectators and events for Years 0 - 4 will be postponed to a time when we are in Level 1.  

Our whole kura athletics day provides an opportunity for our tamariki to participate in an athletics event. Our PE focus in the lessons leading up to this event is on the movement skills required to participate safely and to the best of our ability. The focus of the event is on fun and inclusion. Years 0 to 4 will be participating in a range of games that develop the fundamental movement skills of run, jump and throw, while the year 5 to 8 children will be participating in more traditional track and field events. 

On the day

  • Children may wear their house top or their red polo.
  • Children should also wear shoes and clothes that will be suitable for running and jumping, (running shoes and shorts/leggings are ideal). 
  • Please ensure that your child has their sun hat and water bottle at school. 
  • Year 5 - 8 athletics run all day long, starting with the optional mid-distance event and followed by track and field rotations. Sprint finals conclude the day. 

To help with the running of these rotations, we are looking for adult volunteers to work alongside a teacher at our track and field stations. If you are keen to help and available, please email Jenny

We welcome spectators in Level One, but please leave dogs at home. There will be an adult team in the house relay so wear your running shoes if you would like to join in on this. 

Cultural Festival: Te Whānau Mahi Tahi

We had an awesome wānanga on Sunday - the set for our Cultural Festival performance is starting to come together nicely. Thank you very much to the parents who came along and helped. 

Cultural Festival tickets are on sale now. Te Whānau is performing on Wednesday night and if you wish to watch your child perform you need to purchase tickets. These can be purchased at

Pop-up Penguins

Our penguin is finally finished, wrapped up and on his way to the penguin trail. Many thanks to our penguin leaders for their hard work and Ira Kirk for her guidance. Our penguin will return to school after being out for public viewing.

Camp Gear List

◻ A warm sleeping bag (extras blanket if


◻ Pillow

◻ Waterproof Coat (in daypack)

◻ Shorts

◻ Shirts (both light and warm)

◻ Warm tops (polar fleece, sweatshirt)

◻ Socks (several pair)

◻ Long trousers/track pants

◻ Sunhat (in daypack)

◻ Pyjamas

◻ 2 X Towel

◻ Togs

◻ Thermal top

◻ Underwear

◻ Walking shoes

◻ Shoes/sandals for around camp

◻ Plastic bag (for dirty washing)

◻ Insect repellant

◻ Sunscreen lotion

◻ Sticking plasters

◻ Tea-towels (2)

◻ Beanie/woolly hat

◻ Named medication (hand in to teacher)

◻ Drink bottle (in daypack)

◻ Toiletries- toothbrush, toothpaste, soap,

shampoo, etc

◻ Pencil case

◻ Baking food donation (hand in on arrival

at school on Monday)


● Camera

● Pack of cards, board game

● Sunglasses

● Torch

● Cellphone

● Book

Not Allowed

● Pocket knife

● Chewing gum

● Money


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