Saturday 27 February 2021

Kauri Whānau: Final Wainui Camp Reminders

 Only two more sleeps and we are off to Wainui! Below are our final key reminders.

Camp is nut free! Please make sure there are no nuts in any baking.

Be at school at 8am:

  1. Gear on buses (Eastern Tce)
  2. Food donations and pre-prepared meals to the maker-space
  3. Hand medications in labelled zip-lock bags to home-group teachers. Children with inhalers keep these
  4. Go to homegroups with day-pack, ready to show teachers; raincoat, sunhat, sunscreen, lunch, water bottle

Be prepared:

  • 2 sunhats if possible (a spare in case one goes missing)
  • Raincoat - rain is forecast on Thursday and activities outside will go ahead
  • Old lace-up shoes for water activities
  • A book and a small game 
  • Plenty of thermal clothing
  • If sleeping bag is thin, bring an extra blanket
  • And everything else that is on the gear list!
  • Get plenty of sleep over the weekend
  • Our first activity is tramp to camp, so be dressed for this on Monday

Don't bring:

  • Sweets, bags of chips etc - we have plenty of food and with such a full programme do not want mid-night feasts planned, as sleep is so important.
  • Any technology. Children can use our phones to call home if needed. If your child needs to bring a phone, then make sure you have communicated with their home-group teacher about this. 

Emergency contact:

If you need to get hold of us during the week, call Nicky on 0276229403


We have made some changes to the transport arrangements that we explained to the children on Friday. See below for the updated plan.

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