Wednesday 3 February 2021

Kauri Whānau: Ready to start!

 It has been fabulous meeting with you all over the last two days and we are excited to get underway tomorrow. Below is the video from learning conferences in case you wanted to recap on any information. 

Key reminders for children:

  • Come with a positive mindset and a big smile
  • Please bring BYODs tomorrow
  • As soon as you arrive at school,  go and say good morning to your home-group teacher
  • If you have a phone, hand it into the blue tub and tick your name off on the chart
  • If you don't want your lunch to be heated by the sun, put your lunchbox on the shelf in the maker-space when you arrive
  • Remember your sunhat
  • Bring your stationery if it is not at school yet
  • If you took forms home to be signed and filled in, please return these to the labelled boxes on the spotty table

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